ESO Provisioning Grocer Locations

A gourmand will eat anything in front of them, while an educated gourmet prefers sophisticated recipes made from the freshest ingredients.


Merchant Stall
Merchants, Trading Guilds, and Adventurers often have what you need (for a price).

Provisioning food and drink are one of the main ways to improve your resource pools over a longer period of time. If the local guild trader doesn’t have the basic ingredients you are looking for, there are several grocers scattered around Tamriel ready to serve you.

Most grocers have the following ingredients,

Apples, Bananas, Beets, Carrots, Corn, Greens, Jazbay Grapes, Melons, Potatoes, Pumpkin, Radishes, and Tomatoes.

The price of the goods are 150g each. The few “bargain” merchants that sold for 10g each have had their prices increased to 150g.

Note: If you are looking for ingredients for the Anniversary event quest, all the ingredients you need are in containers near the chef and can be looted safely without a bounty.

All Factions

Wrothgar Exile’s Barrow (Orc Village)Yagorkh26.56, 78.54

Region Locale merchant Coordinates
Coldharbour The Hollow City (Near Tavern) Gulza  66.10, 56.08
 Craglorn Belkarth, (Merchant Area) Hleseth Dalothran  68.28, 51.53
 Craglorn Dragonstar, (Gateside Market) Felyx Vienne 48.51, 65.51
 Craglorn Elinir, (North of Settlement) Alarice Bienne 83.24, 65.5
 Eyevea (Mage Guild)  Merchant District Donallir  83.89, 67.24
Hew’s Bane  Abah’s Landing Snarzikha 33.19, 50.06
Vvardenfell Sayda Neen (Sea Salt Grocery) Snarzikha
Wrothgar Morkul Stronghold (Near Clan Longhouse) Pruzag 30.94, 54.89
Wrothgar Orsinium (Plaza Near Bank) Marutha 26.56, 78.54

Note: Vendor’s with their names in blue charge 150g per item.

Eat, drink, and be merry.
The grocer prices are generally much more expensive than those of other players.

Aldmeri Dominion

Region Locale Merchant Coordinates
 Auridon Skywatch (Culinary Imports) Fishmonger Karzra  41.23, 69.10
 Auridon Vulkhel Guard (Harborside Market)  Samardan  56.21, 52.41
 Grahtwood  Redfur Trading Post (Redfur Stalls)  Nenime  57.62, 54.52
 Grahtwood  Redfur Trading Post  (Redfur Stalls)  Walks-In-Dry Places  69.18, 60.66
 Greenshade  Woodhearth  Araneth Food-Finder  64.17, 60.50
 Khenarthi’s Roost  Mistral (Fishcatcher’s Inn)  Grildoriel  40.89, 37.73
 Malabal Tor  Silvenar  Borwaeneth  71.95, 42.92
 Reaper’s March  Dune  Four-Toes  33.18, 28.12

*Walks-In-Dry-Places no longer has a full selection of ingredients.

Daggerfall Covenant

Region Locale Merchant Coordinates
Alik’r Desert Sentinel (Sentinel Bazaar East) Izrunath  51.24, 58.27
 Bangkorai  Kerbol’s Hollow (Southwest of the well) Korgha  67.67, 29.91
 Betnikh  Stonetooth Fortress (Dockside Trading Stalls) Jafrost Cold-Eye  54.5, 50.19
 Glenumbra  Daggerfall (Daggerfall Marketplace)) Pierrette Cottret  49.90, 50.69
 Rivenspire  Shornhelm (The Fighting Edge)  Torg  80.16, 66.11
 Stormhaven  Wayrest (Cloudy Dregs Inn) Miramel Lemaitre  46.87, 13.34
 Stormhaven  Alcaire Castle (Alcaire Marketplace)  Simine Hearthfield  58.00, 35.43
 Stros M’Kai  Port Hunding (Screaming Mermaid)  Lagarg  70.76, 66.47

Ebonheart Pact

Region Locale Merchant Coordinates
Bal Foyen Bal Foyen Dockyards (If Docks saved) Waihirat  33.2, 30.99
 Bleakrock Isle  Bleakrock Village (Until the Covenant Invasion) Biiri Fanim  49.05, 40.39
 Deshaan  Mournhold (Royal Bazaar) Llurour Dres  41.64, 43.22
 Eastmarch  Windhelm (Oaken-Hull’s Emporium) Makes-No-Soup  37.42, 41.01
 Shadowfen  Stormhold (Coin Brothers’ Cornerclub) Sivisia Ravel  38.42, 26.05
 Stonefalls  Davon’s Watch (Near Shrine of Mara) Black-Silk-Earth  51.95, 61.17
 The Rift  Riften (Outer east wall of the crafting area) Ethad-sa  51.22, 60.75

Grocer Stock

Item Price
 Apples 150g
 Bananas 150g
 Beets 150g
 Carrots 150g
 Corn 150g
 Greens 150g
 Jazbay Grapes 150g
 Melon 150g
 Potato 150g
 Pumpkin 150g
 Radish 150g
 Tomato 150g


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