This category is for crafting wood items such as bows, staves, and shields.

ESOTU Reddit: Writs Statistics and Golden Temper Droprate [1T v2.6.9]

If you like to know odds before gambling, there is a good post on reddit from a crafter who tracked the results of his/her writs since OneTameriel. The conclusion: You have a 30% for a gold improvement item from Blacksmithing, Clothing, Enchanting, and Woodworking. The post includes an introduction and the statistics collected. View Post

ESOTU OneTamriel Kill Crafting Sets?

Since the release of OneTamriel, there have been a few posts on the official forums that discuss the competitiveness of the crafted sets versus all of the new zone and monster sets. In reviewing these discussions, I’m most in agreement with STEVIL. While developing thru levels, crafted sets now a filler rather than focus in no …

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ESOTU Crown Store Exclusive Motif Causes Problems

The first Witches Festival introduced a crown store exclusive motif, The Grim Harlequin, for 2200 crowns and includes 54 crown mimic stones. The cause of the issue relates to a shift introduced with OneTamriel that focuses crafting to individual characters. For example, harvesting is now determined by the harvester’s adventuring level and crafting passives.  For …

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ESOTU Writs Improved, but Could be Better!

With the release of Shadows of the Hist, the highest tier writs and Survey Map were tweaked to use only the highest level materials.  Unfortunately, the maps were bugged and still rewarded lower tier materials. Fortunately, that issue was patched. On the positive side, the clothing survey maps saw an upgrade with the inclusion of …

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ESOTU Crafting Statistics – SotH

Helediron posted an excellent analysis of his crafting statistics on the official forums. If you like numbers, there are a lot of good ones. After SotH patch I followed writ logistics for 11 days with 12 writ crafters. The characters did nothing else than making writs and collecting survey maps and farming resources between survey maps. …

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