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Crafter’s Celebration: Making the Most of It

A crafting-centred mini-event is on now until February 20, 2024. Here is what you need to know and how to make the most of it!

Event Details

During the event period, players will enjoy the following bonuses until February 20, 2024 at 10AM EST

  • +100% Inspiration gain to all crafting skill lines
  • +100% Writ Vouchers earned from Master Writs created during the event
  • Increased drops from harvest nodes (this does not include fishing or creature drops such as leather)
  • 50% reduction in Transmute Crystal costs for changing item traits (requires a Transmute Station, found in the Clockwork City DLC game pack or available for player homes)
  • Increased chance of receiving improvement materials such as Tempering Alloy or Mastic when deconstructing equipment of an appropriate rarity

Making the Most of It

1. Replace the Undesirable Gear traits at a Transmutation Station

If you are into endgame content or you are sitting on a stack of Transmute Crystals, you might want to start here.

Grab your gear and head to a Transmutation station to take advantage. They are often found in Guild Halls and the Brass Fortress in the Clockwork City (DLC or ESO+ required).

Deal with all the excess gear in tip 2 below.

2. Deconstruct All The Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold Gear You’ve been Hoarding

Deconstruction can occur at each type crafting station or the deconstruction assistant. The assistant is easier because you can deconstruct all the professions at once, but if you use addons that track traits you need by other characters, often their inventory markers do not show in the assistant’s window.

You can deconstruct your items on any character. All of the extraction bonuses in the game only apply to the refinement of raw materials.

Keep the improvement items received for later or sell them. You might want to wait as the markets might be flooded during the event.

3. Level Your Crafters / Turn a Retired Character Into a Crafter / Don’t Level Them, but Sell Intricate Items

The +100% inspiration bonus makes it amazingly faster to level your crafters when combined with the inspiration champion point perk in the crafting tree.

Maximize your crafting inspirate with this perk if have the points. Don’t forget to Confirm!

You can use these helpful leveling guides but I suggest modifying the quantities by 50%

For example, earlier today, I levelled a new character to provisioning rank 50 with only 3 skill points and making between 30 and 50 items for each tier: 30, 30 31, 51.

Items made to level to provisioning to 50. Sold first batch before thinking of taking a screenshot.

If you choose not to level your crafters, sell your intricates and help you fellow players.

4. Do your Crafting Writs Only On Your Top Tier Crafters

Quality and quantity counts to maximize your drop rates.

Hopefully, you levelled your crafters as part of tip 3. The double value Sealed Writs only drop from doing top tier writs. Before doing your writs, check to make sure your crafter has all of the crafting achievements for Alchemy and Enchanting. These are very easy to obtain by learning traits and rune translations. Doing so will maximize your chance to get one of their sealed writs.

Statistically speaking, it is not worth improving your drop chances for the other professions during this brief event. They only add minimal bonuses. So doing your writs on more characters is the recommended way to go.

More on maximizing your sealed writ drops

5. Save your Sealed Writs!

There are no bonuses for doing your sealed writs. There is some confusion on what +100% Writ Voucher bonus means. It means that all new sealed writs will have their voucher rewards doubled. For example, you may be used to seeing Sealed Alchemy Writs with 5 Vouchers. During the event, Alchemy Sealed writs will have values of 10 Vouchers. There is no indication on the tooltips, so it is very likely that you can save them for later.

Save them for a double experience where their benefit truly shines, especially on PC with writ helping addons.

What’s the big deal about doing sealed writs during double experience events?

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