ESO TheoryCRAFTING: XP – Not all Sealed Writs are the Same

TheoryCRAFTING is a series of short articles and YouTube videos where I examine Elder Scrolls Online theories, crafting, and or both.

In this article, we follow up on our investigation on leveling by Master Writs to look at the different Voucher writs to see if there is an experience gain difference.

This information will be useful for ESO players interesting in leveling characters by master crafting writs, farming champion points, or improving their drop rates of Sealed Crafting Writs.

Find written guides TL;DR? Check out the 7 minute video version of this guide on YouTube


Sealed Crafting Writs are often considered ESO’s crafting endgame but their vouchers and amazing experience rewards have become the stuff of legends.

Leveling by special writs isn’t cheap and has crafting skill constraints, but new event writs have been introduced, that trade lower voucher values for accessibility. Can they be used for powerleveling?


In this ESO analysis, we look at the experience earned by the different kinds of special crafting writs. These special writs are rewards from top-tier crafting writs and special event boxes.

If you are not familiar with leveling by master writs, I recommend you check out my video on the subject. You will find a link below.

As your experience numbers may differ from mine, here are some details about my test character. 

Enlightenment is a special ESO catch up mechanic that helps player who have not played in a while to earn bonus experience to catch up to their friends.


Standard Sealed Writs

With the admin stuff out of the way, let’s look at the numbers.

This slide shows the experience earned by my crafter doing standard sealed crafting writs.

Even with only enlightenment and ESO+ bonus experience, the experience numbers are impressive.  Imagine these numbers with additional bonuses like experience potions, experience scrolls and event bonus experience!

There are some interesting facts about sealed writ experience

  • The quality and voucher reward doesn’t affect the amount of experience earned.
  • The experience gained is the same for similar crafting professions: consumables vs equipment, and
  • Equipment sealed writs earned the most experience.

Event Writs

Now, let’s look at event writs.

First things we notice is the experience earned is the same for all event writs and the reward is slightly lower than consumable sealed writs. However, the numbers are still impressive.

Here are some quick facts about event writs.

  1. Decent Experience
  2. Very low crafting requirements
  3. Recipes are cheap and are purchased from crafting table vendors
  4. They are often tied to an achievement with a reward like hat, title, or skin.
  5. Sometimes they offer special rewards like event Style Pages.
  6. Prices on guild traders are higher at the beginning of an event but often do not drop below the price of sealed writs.
  7. Finally, some writ items require expensive furnishing crafting ingredients like Heartwood.


Here are my conclusions.

Alchemy Sealed Writs

In my humble opinion, Alchemy Writs are the best sealed writs for leveling

  • You can power level new characters to alchemy 50 in 5 minutes (see guide link below) with a few skill points and stackable crafting reagents.
  • There are no motifs or recipes to know
  • Offer the lowest writ voucher rewards of regular writs
  • Increase your chances of earning Sealed Alchemy writs by completing the two main alchemy achievements for learning traits for potion and poison reagents
  • You can save time doing daily alchemy writs by pre-making daily crafting writs items. The items stack and take up 8 inventory slots.
  • Doing alchemy writs regularly on as many characters as you can will produce a steady number of alchemy sealed writs.
  • These writs can be saved for the next event with bonus experience or sold for a decent price on the guild traders

I recommend doing sealed alchemy writs on new alt characters to power level them to level 50 or on highest crafter to farm Champion Points

Enchanting Sealed Writs

My next sealed writ favourites are Enchanting Writs and Provisioning Writs.

Let’s look at enchanting writs first.

  • You can power level new characters to Enchanting 50 in 5 minutes or less with help from another crafter who can make CP 160 glyphs (see guide link below)
    There are no motifs or recipes to know
  • It is easy to craft glyphs using the “have quest” filter at the crafting station.
  • You can Increase your chances of earning Enchanting sealed writs by completing the enchanting rune translation achievements
  • However, purple and legendary runes can be pricey.

Provisioning Writs

  • You can power level new characters to Provisioning 50 in 5 minutes or less. (see guide link below).
  • You can Increase your chances of earning Provisioning Sealed writs by learning as many Purple and Gold Provisioning Recipes you can afford or can farm from event boxes.
  • Do daily provision writs regularly to farm sealed writs, purple provisioning ingredients and purple recipes.
  • Pre-make daily provisioning writs items to save time and they only take up only 6 inventory slots.
  • Fun fact: The level of these recipes will be within the same tier of provisioning writs done.
  • Unfortunately, Purple and Gold Provisioning recipes can be expensive and legendary sealed writs require the expensive Perfect Roe ingredient.

Equipment Writs

  • You can power level characters to Blacksmith, Clothing, Jewelry, and/or Woodworking to 50 very quickly but it will require a lot of crafting materials or items. There are two popular methods
  • First requires the help of another crafter to make a lot of max items to deconstruct or
  • (can be another character on the same account)
  • Using intricate items farmed from daily crafting writs or purchased from guild traders.
  • You can Increase your chances of earning equipment sealed writs by learning as many complete Crafting Motif Styles (excluding Crown Store Exclusive and Imperial) as you can afford on one character. (main character if chasing max achievement points)
  • Jewelry crafting improvement items can be very expensive so for experience leveling purposes stick to blue ones..
  • Equipment sealed writs require several improvement items (green, blue, purple, and sometimes gold)
  • Fortunately, if you do daily writs regularly, you can farm improvement items and surveys. Surveys are a great source of raw crafting materials that can be refined to obtain improvement items.


In summary, not all special writs are created equal for leveling purposes..

Equipment sealed writs offer the highest experience rewards but their crafting professions are harder to level and require a lot of Crafting Style Motifs to be known by the crafter. These motifs are needed to complete writs and to increase the drop rate of sealed writs from daily crafting writs.

Event writs can be a good source of experience but their prices don’t tend to drop below other sealed writs. Also, they often require a lot of rare furnishing recipe ingredients to complete.  

If you wish to power level new alt characters, it’s best to use alchemy and enchanting sealed writs. These professions are the easiest to level on your own and easier to farm sealed writs for leveling.

If you wish to farm champion points, do sealed writs on Champion Point level crafters.

In closing, I hope that I have provided you with some useful information on sealed writ leveling and how to farm sealed writs.


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