ESOTU Crafting Statistics – SotH

Save your moneyHelediron posted an excellent analysis of his crafting statistics on the official forums. If you like numbers, there are a lot of good ones.

After SotH patch I followed writ logistics for 11 days with 12 writ crafters. The characters did nothing else than making writs and collecting survey maps and farming resources between survey maps. These numbers DO include some farming that belong naturally to survey map collecting.

At the conclusion of his analysis, he suggests the following

  • Farmers continue to do writs
  • Casual players will stop doing these writs and save mats for gear
  • Both blacksmith survey nodes and woodworking nodes give 6..8 mats per node.
  • Clothing nodes give 9..1 and furry traps even more.
  • Blacksmithing is most unsustainable.
Note: Heledirons numbers DO include farming, so they are close to reality how writs are done. I didn't harvest at all for one day, and that day they all turned to net loss.

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