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ESO Crafting Writ Turn-in Locations List

Often crafters follow in their parents footsteps and take over the family business. As a result some rarely live their hometown and the familiarity of the crafting stations.  With the new crafting writs, crafters can take orders from the local notice board and deliver it a distant town.  Some end up taking up residence in the new town.


Merchant travels by horseback.
The saavy crafter knows the writs in distant lands can be a lucrative business.

Often the journal system doesn’t properly identify the turn in location if it is not at the crafters location. This brief tome describes the popular writ destinations of Tamriel. At the moment, it seems that consumables offer the best rewards consistently at all levels. Equipment writs seem to consume nearly a stack of resources and at lower levels, the rewards can mock the crafter with low value items like a quartz stone.

Tip: After OneTamriel, you can turn your writs to any equivalent location in the other factions. Turn-in locations near a wayshrine are listed below in Orange.


  1. Aldemeri Dominion
  2. Daggerfall Covenant
  3. Ebonheart Pact
  4. All
  5. Morrowind
Contractor Region Locale Notes
 Alliance Depot  Grahtwood  Elden Root Lake island on the east road (near skyshard)
 Fighters’ Guild  Malabal Tor Velyen Harbour Inside the wall around the Fighters Guild. Unavailable until town is freed.
 Independent Privateers Reaper’s March  Rawl’kha Near wayshrine, on the river under the bridge
 Refugee Relief  Greenshade  Marbruk  Next to the north gate
 Trade Consortium  Auridon  Vulkhel Guard  West of the docks


Daggerfall Convenant

Contractor Region Locale Notes
 Alliance Depot  Stormhaven  Wayrest  East Gate outside city
 Fighters’ Guild  Alik’r Desert Sentinel Short distance up the hill from wayshrine, under the bridge outside the Fighters Guild
 Independent Privateers  Bangkorai Evermore  On the beach between the docks and the Inn
 Refugee Relief  Rivenspire  Shornhelm  Short distance from wayshrine, just inside the east gate. Close to equipment crafting stations.
 Trade Consortium Glenumbra  Daggerfall  Eastern Docks


Ebonheart Pact

Contractor Region Locale Notes
Alliance Depot Deshaan Mournhold Southeast part of town
Fighters’ Guild Eastmarch Windhelm Southwest of the wayshrine
Independent Privateers The Rift Riften Near Wayshrine Under the walkway between the market and the mages’ guild
Refugee Relief Shadowfen Stormhold North of Wayshrine
Trade Consortium Stonefalls Davon’s Watch Near the dock warehouses



These turn-in locations will be available when you unlock these regions (via exploration or purchasing DLC content).

Contractor Region Locale Notes
Belkarth Supply Masters Craglorn Belkarth Southeast of Wayshrine behind the tents
Mage Guild Locus Coldharbour The Hollow City Next to the stables.
Orsinium Craglorn Belkarth Southeast of Wayshrine behind the tents



This location is only available if you have purchased the Morrowind Chapter.

Contractor Region Locale Notes
Trade Consortium Vvardenfell Vivec City On the boardwalk between Outlaw’s refuge and the Gladiator’s Quarters in western Vivec City.




Thanks Woolenthreads for completing my list on the official forums.

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  1. Could you possibly include which crafting tiers belong to which location please as I have just unlocked veteran rank tiers on my writs but do not know where I need to hand them in to? Many thanks

    1. Thanks for your comment! Turn-in locations are affected by a few parameters: Crafting Profession passives and Accessibility. The first check is your main crafting profession passives (solvent proficiency, metalworking, tailoring, potency improvement, recipe improvement, or woodworking). The second check, accessibility, determines the highest region you have access to. For example, if you maxed out all of your crafting profession passives at level 40, your turn-in would be the highest region in your alliance (Riften, Rawl’kha, Evermore).

      There is a recent post on the forums relating to a provisioning writ turn-ins.

      Sometimes if you bring the crafting writ quest up in your journal and hit m (map default), it will show you the destination.

      Hope this helps.

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