ESOTU Delve: Onkobra Kwama Mine

When the Dark Elves freed their Argonian slaves, some of the Lizard-Folk assumed control of the Dunmeri ventures where they had been laboring in bondage.  Not all these ventures have been successful.

Onkobra Kwama Mines are located in central Shadowfen.  Nearest wayshrine is Percolating Mire  which is a short distance to the east.  It is a small circular delve.  Overall, a decent place to farm provisioning mats and  scrib jelly.

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ESOTU Delve: Broken Tusk

None know today what lost cult of Daedra worshipers built the original shrine in these caverns, nor what they called it. But the lair the Argonians call Broken Tusk exudes an almost palpable sense of the evil that’s been done there over the ages.

Broken Tusk delve is  located in eastern Shadownfen at the northern tip of a river valley.  Nearest wayshrine is Forsaken Hamlet  which is a short distance to the southwest.  It is small circular delve with little promise of crafting materials except for Poison Oils. However, the lore on the numerous bookshelves may be of interest of lower level players looking for some free skill line ranks.

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ESOTU Delve: Chi-Moska Ruins

Argonian scholars are uncertain whether the Chid-Moska xanmeer should be considered part of the larger Xal Ithix complex, or if it is a separate site built by an even more ancient tribe of Lizard-Folk.

Chid-Moska Ruins are located in southwestern Shadowfen.  Nearest wayshrine is Loriasel Wayshrine.  It is a small looping delve and contains mostly provisioning containers.  Overall, a below-average place to farm crafting materials as you would have to relog to reset the containers.

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ESOTU Delve: Gandranen Ruins

Tales say that Gandranen was built by an Ayleid sorcerer, a worshiper of Hermaeus Mora who so loved books that she created a series of magical halls that would attact books from across Tamriel, no matter where–or when–they were published.

Gandranen Ruins are located in central Shadowfen.  Nearest wayshrine is Hissmir which is a short distance to the south.  It is a medium size delve and contains mostly bookshelves.  Overall, a poor place to find crafting materials.

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ESOTU Delve: Shrine of the Black Maw

Since the inking of the Ebonheart Pact, the trade in enslaved Argonians has been outlawed.. but it has not been eradicated. The slavers have merely gone underground — literally, in the case of those using the Ayleid halls of Varakun as their lair.

The Shrine of the Black Maw is located in the northwestern area of Shadowfen.  Easiest way to get to this delve is take the road leading to the northwest from Stormhold.  It is a medium size delve and contains mostly provisioning containers.  Gargoyles may drop trophy item (Stony Heart) for Monster Achievement.

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ESOTU Delve: Atanaz Ruins

Those who call the Argonians “primitives” would do well to consider the permanence and elegance of their stonework, built for eternity despite the relentless Black Marsh rot. The still-solid corridors of ancient Atanaz are an instructive example.

Atanaz Ruins is located in the hills bordering the east side of the region across the river from Alten Corimont.

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ESOTU Public Dungeon: Sanguine’s Demense

The following is BenevolentBowD’s scouting report for the public dungeon: Sanguine’s Demense

Located a short distance from Stormhold, the large dungeon is home several disenfranchised locals have been thralled by the daedric offerings of unlimited drinks and revelry.

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