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ESO Waters Run Foul 

I ran into a researcher in the city wing of Shada’s Tear who told me that the rest of her research team drank the cursed waters of Shada’s Tear and went mad. She asked me to save her friend, Nahlia, who was catured by the mad researchers.

Tip: A group of three or four is recommended for this quest line. However, can be done with less but will take longer.

First City Wing Door

I should read the scroll on the altar and use the prayer wheel to unlock the door deeper into the city wing.

Tip: Look out off the balcony. There are three columns lit by braziers. On those columns are the images of the combination.
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Order (Left to Right)

  1. Face with necklace
  2. Serpent facing left
  3. Dragon facing right

Blacksmith Fight

In the course of this quest line, you will face a blacksmith and his two minions.  At one point in the battle, he will use his anvil to fill the room with a devastating area of effect attack and the entrance will be sealed off with a fire wall.

Tip: Just before the attack, several Wisps will appear. Kill them quickly and stand in the ring on the floor surrounding their corpse. It will protect you from the AOE.

Freeing Nahlia

When you find Nahlia, she is held high in the centre of the room by magical chains.   The clue provided states the columns will show you the way.

North Side Puzzle

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Order (Left to Right)
  1. Snake facing left
  2. Skull with small horns
  3. Dragon facing right

South Side Puzzle

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Order (Left to Right)
  1. Skull with small horns
  2. Dragon facing right
  3. Skull with small horns


  • Yokudan Coffer of Merit (Blue)
  • 332g


  1. Not Available
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