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ESO Blood and Sacred Words

While wondering the north of Wrothgar, I came across a rather unfortunate fellow at the gates of Fharun Keep in need of some assistance.

Listen, initiate! Hear, o faithful one! The path you must walk is never easy, but if traversed in the correct and devout manner, it will lead you to the Author of the Code’s Embrace” — Path of the Faithful

To unlock Malacath’s shrine, the following steps were needed

  1. Collect blood of the archivists and place blood offerings in the braziers in the main keep.
  2. Navigate the prayer rooms by observing the door with a lit candle on the left side of the door. There will be four rooms.
  3. In the Hall of Faith, climb into the well and “trust that Malacath will catch you”.
  4. Sacrifice the Keeper at the altar of Malacath to obtain the words.

To complete the quest, return to residential district in east side of Orsinium.

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