ESO Crown Crate Drop Rates

Did you know you can find out the crown crate reward odds in the in-game help?

To view information about reward odds, open Help > Tutorials > Crown Store > Crown Crates.

Crown Crate Reward Odds

Below are listed the guidelines for Crown Crate reward groups and their percentage chances. Note: you are guaranteed at least four rewards per purchased Crown Crate.

Common Rewards 98%
Fine Rewards 72%
Superior Rewards 86%
Epic Rewards 21
Legendary Rewards 14%
Apex Rewards 2.0%

You are guaranteed at least one Superior reward or better.
Some Crown Crates contain Radiant versions of Apex rewards.
Some Crown Crates contain rare rewards that have special qualities.
On some rewards, chance improve with each successive missed roll and resets once you receive the reward.

Elder Scrolls Online, in-game help June 13, 2021

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