ESO ESO+: Worth the cost?

Are you wondering if it is worth getting ESO+?

You are not alone.

In the world of Finance, there is a term “Opportunity Cost” which means “the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen”

For example, for the cost of ESO+, you could enjoy a month of your favourite soda pop or something comparable like a XBox Game Pass Ultimate Membership.

Should you invest in ESO+? Let’s take a look.

Crowns and Crown Store Discounts

The first benefits we will examine are Crowns and Crown Store Discounts.

With every month of ESO+, members get 1,650 crowns (The Elder Scrolls Online Premium Currency). 

Where I live, the regular price of 1500 crowns is more than one month of ESO+. 

I often recommend if players want to buy some Crowns but Crowns are not on sale, pick up a few months of ESO+.  When you purchase ESO+, you get the crowns for all the months immediately and you receive all the limited time benefits during the membership.

Also with every month, ESO+ members get a free Statuette furnishing and discounts on many items returning to the Crown Store.

These discounts are listed in the Month Crown Store Showcase and all current discounts can be viewed in the ESO+ section of the in-game Crown Store.

Also, each month I post a mobile-friendly summary of the Crown Store Showcase and list all of the ESO+ discount items on my website. You will find a link in the description.


Progression Bonuses

Next, let’s examine the next category of ESO+ benefits, progression bonuses.

ESO+ gives members a 10% bonus to Experience Point gain, Crafting Inspiration gain, Reduction in trait research, and Gold earned. 

Experience gain allows members to unlock abilities and passive a little bit sooner while Crafting inspiration gain allows crafters to unlock crafting passives and to unlock special crafted item sets sooner. 

Note: these bonuses stack with other similar buffs like scrolls, potions, and special events buffs.

Some players could make a case that this category adds an element of Pay to Win to ESO+ but at the end of the day these bonuses are not going to have an impact on any of the in-game leaderboards results.



Moving on, let’s examine the next category of ESO+ benefits, storage.

I often joke that ESO stands for endless sack organizing.  Many ESO players get ESO+ for the storage bonuses.

The double bank space provides a place to store items until they are ready to be sold or transferred to other characters.

Housingmancers, players who love decorating houses, appreciate the doubled amount of housing slots to place furnishing in.

Min/Maxers/TheoryCrafters like the double transmute Crystal storage to be able to recreate items from their “sticker book” collection to experiment with different gear combinations. 

Lastly, serious crafters get addicted to the amazing craft bag that holds a vast number of every crafting material in the game.


Content and Cosmetics

Finally, let’s examine the last category of ESO+ benefits, cosmetics and content.

For some players, Fashion is ESO’s endgame.

One often overlooked benefit of ESO+, is the ability to dye your costumes.

Without ESO+, players have to purchase dye packs from the Crown Store. 

Note: you do not need ESO+ membership to use outfits stations to apply style and colours to gear obtained in the game.


In summary, there are a lot of excellent benefits to having an ESO+ membership. I hope that I have provided enough information for you to decide if ESO+ is right for you.

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