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Website Upgrades

I have successfully made some upgrades to the website. The site is now using secured connections (https) so those anxiety-causing messages in the internet browser address bars should be gone. My hosting plan also got an upgrade with more resources so hopefully you will see some speed improvements. I will be exploring some performance improvements …

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Happy 6th Birthday!

This week turns six years old. It started off as a simple project to learn about websites and then be retired. A thousand plus posts later and almost $2,000CAD raised for charity, the site is still around. Thanks for your kind words of support and visiting my site!

Thanks for your support!

Your visits encourage me to make more content and I am so honored when you share my website with your community and friends. Thank you so much!

ESO Happy Holidays

Despite all the challenges this year, on behalf of my family to yours, we would to wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday season this year.

Thank You!

Dear visitors to, thank you for visiting my humble little blog and telling your friends. Through your visits, the ad revenue has started to exceed our web hosting costs each year. After checking with Mrs. BenevolentBowD😉, we will be making donations from the profits because that’s what benevolent people do. 🙂 Today, we made …

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Nearly 100 Subscribers on YouTube!

Thanks #ESOFam for your support! When I get 100 subscribers, I will be able to get a custom URL to make my YouTube easier to find and be more consistent with my name on other platforms.

Update: ESO The Making of a Master Crafter

Several new crafting achievements have been introduced to the game and I have posted a lot of content since I published my Making of a Master Crafter guide. I took some time to restructure my guide help players obtain the”Grand Master Crafter” title while they level their crafter(s). View the updated guide