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Don’t touch my sweetroll! Make your own

What better way to stock up for your adventures into Western Skyrim than with a sugary, sticky sweetroll? In this new sponsored video, Babish crafts sweetrolls from the Official Elder Scrolls Cookbook, and then offers his own version of the classic Tamrielic treat!

ESOTU Reddit: List of Provisioning Writ Ingredients

ToxDrawace has posted a useful guide on Reddit that lists all of the provisioning ingredients for all writs (levels and factions). There are several uses of this list including, Determining what ingredients to hoard / buy for writs Determining which ingredients are useful in leveling provisioning by using recipes that do not include the ones on …

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ESOTU [Datamined] “Jester’s Festival” Recipes 2.7.0

code65536 has posted some interesting recipe information on the forums that was recently datamined. They appear to relate to the “Jester’s Festival”, which we believe is the April Fool’s Event. There are four recipes in all and include a two epic purple recipes, 1 blue, and 1 green recipe. Interesting to note, that this event introduces recipes that require …

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ESOTU Writs, Writs, and More Writs

With all of the exciting of recent in-game events behind us, last month, I took the opportunity to track the results of 360 consumable writs of various levels in preparation of updating my various writ articles. Interestingly, I noticed that provisioning writs were not the only ones to have repeating writs in a set recurring order. …

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ESOTU Pattern Emerges in Top Tier Provisioning Writs

One of our fellow crafters has posted an interesting artical on official forums under the title “One Tamriel Max Provisioning Writs Decoded” What is happening is that every day the RNG randomly assigns either the CP 50 writ or the CP 150 writ, and once that is decided, you receive whichever writ for that level is …

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