ESOTU Pattern Emerges in Top Tier Provisioning Writs

Say What?
Overheard in Tamriel

One of our fellow crafters has posted an interesting artical on official forums under the title “One Tamriel Max Provisioning Writs Decoded”

What is happening is that every day the RNG randomly assigns either the CP 50 writ or the CP 150 writ, and once that is decided, you receive whichever writ for that level is due up in the rotation for that day. Also, it seems that the the rotations are linked to each other on a daily basis. I have not been able to discern a pattern outside of this and it does appear whether you get a CP 50 or CP 150 writ is completely random.

Here is how the new rotation plays out now:

  • Day 1: CP 50 – Pickled Carrot Slurry\Arenthian Brandy or CP 150 – Hearty Garlic Corn Chowder\Markath Mead
  • Day 2: CP 50 – Argonian Saddle-Cured Rabbit\Sipping Imga Tonic or CP 150 – Lilmoth Garlic Hagfish\Hagraven’s Tonic
  • Day 3: CP 50 – Fresh Apples and Eidar Cheese\Khenarthi’s Wings Chai or CP 150 – Firsthold Fruit and Cheese Plate\Muthsera’s Remorse

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