ESO Wrothgar: Do you know about the daily quests?

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There is a lot to do in Wrothgar as the Orc rebuild their renown fortress Orsinium.  There are  two different quests for any bounty hunting individual: World Boss and Delve Clearing. I have included maps to the quest givers. With the help of other players (sharing quests), a player can do 7 dailies.


  1. Delves
  2. World Bosses
  3. Event Tickets
Tip: There are relics near some of the world bosses and in the delves that can be collected during your adventures for an achievement and help towards getting the three special bear costumes. They have been noted in the quest notes for your convenience.


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The dungeon delve daily quests can be obtained in the Clan Longhouse in Morkul Stronghold. The Stronghold is situated to the North West of Orsinium. The quest giver is Guruzug.

Tip; The quests have optional NPC's to chat with before you complete the quests and this can confuse people who have completed one part of the two part quests and return to the quest giver location too soon.
  1. Breakfast of the Bizarre: Gather unusual eggs and kill the hagraven in Coldperch Cavern.
    Tip: Eggs can be found on NPC's, Harpies, and special quest "nodes". Also, the Black Quill Relic can be found in this delve.
  2. Fire in the Hold: Burn bandit supplies and kill their leader Sir Marq Tailas.
    Note: This quest needs to be unlocked by completing the quest "Broken Promises"  which begins by reading a letter at Watchers Hold. (1)
    Broken Promises quest starter location
    Broken Promises quest starter location.

    Thanks to Nighthellcat for helping locate the quest starter in this delve!

  3. Free Spirits: Free the spirits trapped in Thukhozod’s Sanctum and kill the necromancer Gorlar the Dark.
    Tip: Skeletons appear to be the better source of the spirits and there is a 10 second cooldown on the vial. Also, Thukozodh's Bracers relic can be found in this delve.
  4. Getting a Bellyful: Collect some durzog feed and slay Nikolvara the Durzog Trainer in the Nikolvara’s Kennel.
    Tip: Feed drops from any durzog and from special meat-looking nodes.
  5. Parts of the Whole: Use Raynor’s mysterious orb to collect data on the mechanical constructs of Zthenganaz. Also, destory the dreaded Ztheng Guardian.
    Note: This quest needs to be unlocked by completing the quest “An Unexpected Fall” for Raynor which starts outside the delve. (2)

    Tip: There is a 10 second cool down on the orb provided by Raynor.  You can prolong the battles with the centurions to re-analyze the construct over and over again.
  6. The Skin Trade: Slay the werewolves of Argent Mine to collect their pelts. Also, kill their leader, Magnar Child-Eater.
    Tip: Feed drops from any werewolf and from special hide nodes. Also, Liquid Silver relic found in this dungeon.



  • Wrothgar Daily Contract Recompense
    • Rare Chance of Trinimac Motif
  • 319 gold


World Bosses

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The overland daily quests can be found just outside Orsinium at the tavern called Skalar’s Hostel . Talk to Arzorag, the Daily Quest Broker.  If you group works together as a group, all 6 can be completed in less than 40 minutes.

There are six World Boss quests that can be shared. However, only one per day can be obtained from the quest NPC.

Tip: The order of the dailies offered is sequential but the one offered will vary from character to character. NYZ > EDU > Meat > MAD > NB > UD
  1. Heresy of Ignorance (UD / ZAN): Disrupt the obelisks and destroy Zandadunoz the Reborn.
    Tip: Divide the group and cleanse the oblelisks at the same time to save time. Also, the Heart of Hanadunoz relic can be found at the dolmen.
  2. Meat for the Masses (POA): Kill the poachers and their leader.
    Tip: Stack on crown and kill as a group. Start at the Seige Road Wayshrine kill all bears, echetere, elks, horkers, mammoths, etc. on the way to poachers camp. At 40 stew meat, you will have enough to complete the quest after you kill the boss. Larger mobs like echetere and mammoths drop more meat.
  3. Nature’s Bounty (NB / CORI): Clease the corruption using the Ushang’s totem and destroy Corintthac the Abomination.
    Tip: Divide the group and cleanse the sites at the same time to save time.
  4. Reeking of Foul Play (EDU): Rescue prisoners (3) and kill the Riekr leader, King-Chief Edu.
    Tip: Stack on crown and kill as a group. Prisoners have slow respawn times. Also, the Scepter of the King-Chief relic can be found near the first tent on the right side on the weapon rack.
  5.  Scholarly Salvage (MAD / OGRE): Reclaim Cirantille’s stolen pages from the ogres of Wrothgar and kill their leader, Mad Urkazbur
    Tip: Stack on crown and kill as a group. Pages are looted.
  6. Snow and Steam (NYZ): Investigate the Dwarven Mechanisms (3) and Defeat Nyzchaleft.
    Tip: Divide the group and cleanse the sites at the same time to save time. Also, the Dwemer Light relic can be found nearby.


  • Wrothgar Daily Contract Recompense
    • Rare chance of Malacath Motif
  • 319 gold


Event Tickets

The Orsinium Celebration Event also provides you with an opportunity to earn Event Tickets. During the event, you can earn Event Tickets for the following activities:

  • Two Event Tickets per day for completing any Wrothgar Delve Daily


  • Two Event Tickets per day for completing any Wrothgar World Boss Daily

Note that you can earn only two tickets per day, meaning how you earn both tickets is up to you! You can earn up to 24 total tickets during this event.

Event tickets?



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