ESOTU Wrothgar: Do you know about the daily quests?

There is a lot to do in Wrothgar as the Orc rebuild their renown fortress Orsinium.  There are  two different quests for any bounty hunting individual: World Boss and Delve Clearing. I have included maps to the quest givers. With the help of other players (sharing quests), a player can do 7 dailies.

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The overland daily quest can be found just outside Orsinium at the tavern called Skalar’s Hostel (shown on Map A). Talk to Arzorag, the Daily Quest Broker.

There are six World Boss quests that can be shared. However, only one per day can be obtained from the quest NPC.

Tip: all six can be done in approximately 36 minutes if the group works together and in the order listed above.
Wait for entire group to be together or in the areas before starting objective. e.g. rescue prisoners / cleanse items / dwarven relics.
Certain objectives can be done by other members of the team. e.g. cleanse items as long as group member are in the area.
Hunt in a pack to farm meat / pages for all. When you have approximately 40 you can proceed to boss to get remaining items.

On the North American Server the common zone chat group invite codes are:

  1. NYZ (Nyzchaleft Falls)
  2. EDU (King-Chief Edu)
  3. MAD (Mad Ogre)
  4. NB (Nature’s Bounty)
  5. UD (Unfinished Dolmen)
  6. POA / Meat (Poacher’s Encampment)
Tip: The order of the dailies offered is sequential but the one offered will vary from character to character.
NYZ > EDU > Meat > MAD > NB > UD

The rewards include the chance to obtain a Malacath Motif Chapter.

Tip: There are relics near some of the world bosses that can be collected during your adventures for an achievement and help towards getting the three special bear costumes.

The dungeon delve daily quest can be obtained in the Clan Longhouse in Morkul Stronghold (shown on Map B). The Stronghold is situated to the North West of Orsinium. The quest giver is Guruzug.

The rewards include the chance to obtain a Trinimac Motif Chapter.

Map B – Delve Daily Starter Location


  • Wrothgar Daily Contract Recompense
  • 319 gold