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ESO Blood on a King’s Hands Puzzle

Are you stuck trying to figure on how to unlock the secret passage on the Orsinium main quest Blood on a King’s Hand? This guide will help you solve the three pillar puzzle.

The priestess gives you the key and the location but not the answer to the pillar puzzle to unlock the door.

The note on the table of the temple library gives you clues to the books you will need to solve the puzzle.

The two most important are the books titled “Orcs Clans and Symbology” and “Fiction” (The Battle of Orsinium, By Bangor the Liar).

“Remember these woods and the way will be opened… To my right, Clan Luccin… To my left Clan Bragosh (Hammer)… above, Clan Ruskahr (Owl).

The pillar puzzle solution (looking at the head statue) where statue images face the entrance door,

  1. Left (Wolf)
  2. Right (Hammer)
  3. Above (Owl) – Facing statue
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