ESOTU Public Dungeon: Bonesnap Ruins

The name the Ayleid Elves gave this place when they constructed its subterranean halls is long forgotten. Modern Bretons know it by the name of the Bonesnap Goblin Tribe, who have occupied the site and turned the ancient halls to their own sordid ends.

Bonesnap Ruins are located in western Stormhaven, just north of Steelheart Moorings and a stone’s throw from Bonesnap Ruins Wayshrine.

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ESOTU Delve: Norvulk Ruins

It’s unknown what these vaults were called by the Ayleids who built them. They acquired their current name when they were occupied during the Second Empire by the eccentric Wizard Norvulk Tome-Hoarder.

Norvulk Ruins is located northwest of Wind Keep in northen central Stormhaven.

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