ESO W2T: Antiquities – Excavation Simplified

In this video, we discuss the how you can use a simple search algorithm / recipe to find the main relic of each dig site.

Simple, repeatable method to find relics

Note: Since the dig tools available for each character varies by excavation skill line rank, the video is intended to help players find the relic.


The Antiquities system is a collection of two mini-games introduced to the Elder Scrolls Online with the Greymoor Chapter.

These two mini-games are Scrying and Excavation. Excavation is the proces to ‘dig up’ prized historical artifacts.

There two types of tools. There is a sensing tool and digging tools. The Auger is like ground penetrating radar which can detect objects and how far away they are.

Locating the Item

Many players find the dig site intimidating. Often players randomly move around the site and hope for the best. At each Auger test site, a colour will indicate if the relic is nearby.

The example shows you that

  1. No matter how badly your excavation is going, if you have the points left, you can recover.
  2. You can mostly ignore the colour of each Auger test.

Tip: Ignore the colour of the Auger test site. Focus on the zones highlighted in white when you hover over the test sites.

Typical Excavation

Personally, I like to start at the top left: 3 right, 3 down. Then if necessary, test the top right corner( 3 left, 3 down), the bottom right corner (3 left, 3 up), and finally bottom left (3 right, 3 up).

Test each location.

Is it in the white zone? If so, ignore the rest of the dig site until you find the relic.

Rotate within the white zone until eliminate large portions of the map. The relic will be found in the overlapping white zones of the Auger test sites.


When excavating,

  • focus your attention on the white areas revealed when the cursor is hovered over a tested area.
  • systematically move around the dig site and test areas to eliminate areas to search.
  • the relic will be found in area where white zones of the tested areas overlap.
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