ESO W2T: Antiquities – Controlled Fissure Explosion

In this video, we discuss the how you can create paths between fissure to create a controlled explosion on the excavation dig site without damaging your relic.

Who does not like a safe controlled explosion?

Shout out to #ESOFam Ninja614 who taught me how to do this.


The Antiquities system is a collection of two mini-games introduced to the Elder Scrolls Online with the Greymoor Chapter.

These two mini-games are Scrying and Excavation. Excavation is the proces to ‘dig up’ prized historical artifacts.

There two types of tools. There is a sensing tool and digging tools. The Auger is like ground penetrating radar which can detect objects and how far away they are.


At higher levels, fissures appear as plumes of smoke raising from the ground.

When you level (excavation), a tuturial pops up to warn you that fissures are bad.

You can link fissures by creating a path at the same depth of ground between multiple fissures.

Triggering any of the fissures with the trowel creates a fun and useful explosion.

  1. Excavate the main relic first to avoid damaging it.
  2. Link fissures together by excavating the terrain between them at the same depth.
  3. Hover the trowel tool over the fissure to see your progress.
  4. When you are happy with the path, use the trowel on any fissure to detonate.

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