THEORYCRAFTING: Pre-making Writ Items?

TheoryCRAFTING is a series of articles where I examine an Elder Scrolls Online theory, crafting, and or both.
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In this article, we investigate options for saving time while completing daily crafting writs and master (sealed) writs by making writs items in advance.

This information will be useful for add-on minimalists, console players, and add-on developers.


Crafting Writ Dailies

Crafting dailies are offered to players that have completed the crafting certification quests. These quests can be obtained in the starter areas (e.g. Vulkhel’s Guard, Davon’s Watch, Daggerfall, Alinor, and Vivec City).

Crafting writs reward players with gold, survey maps (high yield resource nodes), ornate items, intricate items, and crafting materials.

Tip: Need information on crafting writs, certification, and items requested? Check out Writs: Do you know about crafting dailies?


Sealed Master Writs

Crafters completing crafting dailies at the highest proficiency levels may receive special Sealed Master Writs in their reward box.

The Sealed Master Writs request one or more items for the master writ merchant, Rolis Hlaalu, located in each of the faction capital cities.

Each Sealed Master Writ rewards a specified number of vouchers, a special crafting currency, that can be used to buy special items like attunable crafting stations.



I investigated the following factors

  • Categories
    • Dailies
    • Sealed Writs
  • Crafter
    • Character
    • Same Account
    • Different Account
  • Professions


Testing Methodology

For each category (Daily and Sealed)

  1. Obtain all the daily or sealed writs for each profession
  2. Record requested items
  3. Craft items
  4. Abandon quests (Dailies)
  5. Obtain Writs again (Dailies)
  6. Switch to another character same account
  7. Craft items and placed in bank
  8. Switch back and obtain items from bank
  9. Create items on second account and place in Guild Bank
  10. Switch back and obtain items



  • The fastest method to do writs is to premake all of the items ahead of time
    • Equipment Writs have to be made by the crafter accepting the writs
    • Equipment items and enchantment items do not stack
    • Daily consumable items can be made by any character on the same account
    • Daily provisioning items can be made by anyone
  • Free up space by placing stackable Alchemy and Provisioning items in the bank and retrieve as needed.
summary of writ crafting results


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