theoryCRAFTING: Do Murkmire Quests Repeat?

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In this article, we investigate if the Murkmire daily quests follow the same pattern of the other zone dailies by repeating in the same sequence.

This information will be useful for players working on zone achievements or want to farm the motifs received from the daily reward boxes.


Dailies Quests

In Elder Scrolls Online there are non-player characters (NPC’s) and interactable items (quest boards), that offer one or more quests every day.

Interactable item or NPC’s that offers repeatable quests will have a blue down arrow above them.

Some dailies have to be unlocked by completing prerequisite quests or completing certification quests.

Most dailies can be shared.

Dailies reset at the same time each day.


Murkmire Dailies

In Murkmire, there are three NPC’s offering daily quests.

There are two unlocked daily quests available in Lilmoth.

  1. Delve Dailies
  2. World Boss Dailies

The third set of dailies are unlocked when you complete the main Murkmire quest line and return the residents to Root-Whisper Village.

  1. Gather and Search Daily
Tip: For more information on the dailies, check out Murkmire: Do you know about the daily quests?



To access the delve and world boss dailies, you need only find the quest givers in Lilmoth on the southeast coast of Murkmire.
(Indicated on the map as purple stars).

These NPC’s are not far from where you first appear in Murkmire and a short distance south of the wayshire

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To obtain the Root-Whisper Village quests, you need to first complete the main quest line offered by the Cyrodilic Collections in Lilmoth.

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Testing Methodology

For each Non-Player Character quest giver,

  1. Obtain quests
  2. Record quest offered each day
  3. Continue obtaining quests until all quests have been obtained at least once.
  4. Continue obtaining quests and compare to quest history
  5. Determine if pattern exists



Here are the results

  • Delves (Varo Hosidias)
    • The Weight of Words > Old Scrolls > Antique Armor > Sacred Candles > Tools of Slaughter > Grave Subject Matter > Repeat
  • World Bosses (Bolu)
    • Old Growth > Old Baubles > Old Enemies > Grave Circumstances > Grave Expectations > Grave Momentos > Repeat
  • Gathering / Search (Tuwul)
    • Offerings that Hide > Envoys Who Cower > Mushrooms that Nourish > Aloe that Heals > Leather That Protects> Repeat



  • Dailies did repeat
  • Not the same quest for every character or player.


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