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ESO Unlocking the Orsinium’s Morkuldin Forge

A messenger supposedly from the Orc King of Wrothgar had a message for me. Not one to turn down a chance to go exploring, I accepted the quest and travelled the long road to the gates of Wrothgar.


This article explains how to unlock the 9 trait crafting station of Wrothgar.

The Hand of Morkul

Quest Giver, Ashaka

All is not right in Morkul Stronghold. Ashaka, the chief’s eldest daughter, seeks a long lost relic in Morkul Descent.

[ Lazghal is very worried for her daughter. I agreed to look for Ashaka in Morkul Descent. I should travel there.]

I discovered a great forge and what seems to be the Hand of Morkul. Unfortunately, it is trapped within the forge itself. I should speak with Ashaka and see if she has any ideas on how to release it.

Ashaka asked me to rekindle Morkuldin’s great forge. She thinks that doing so will release the Hand of Morkul. I should activate the blast furnace and the bellows.

I rekindled Morkuldin’s great forge. I should return to Ashaka.

Ashaka discovered a terrible truth. The Hand of Morkul was long ago locked away by her clan because it was the centerpiece of a bloodforge — a terrible device that fused living captives into weapons and armor. I should speak with her.

Morkul Clan seemed content with Ashaka’s explanation. I should speak with her before they depart.

Quest Objectives

  1. Talk to Ashaka
  2. Open the Way to Morkuldin
    • Examine the Statues for Clues
      • Lakora of the Hunt (Archer): Keen were her eyes even as the doom closed in she drew her companions near and led the way to glory. (Light this Blazier First)
      • Mazghar Many-Tongues (Mage): Bathing the caverns in light, Stedfastly he stood between them his words of warmth and courage Never far from ear. (Light this Blazier Second)
      • Baloth Bloodtusk (Tank): Standing in defiance death would not find his friends but would break against his mighty shield ever at their backs. (Light this Blazier Last)
  3. Explore Morkuldin
    • Caution: some of the stone warriors will come alive and attack.
  4. Talk to Ashaka
    • Travel to the bellows (Circle on your map)
      • Activate the Bellows
        • Push the four buttons  around the bellows structure.
        • Caution: some of the stone warriors will come alive and attack.
        • Press buttons from behind to avoid the combat.
    • Activate the Blast Furnace (Travel to the quest marker on the map)
    • Push the single button on the platform (activate blast furnace)
      Caution: gargoyle appears at the other end of the platform.
  5. Talk to Ashaka (Travel to the quest marker on map)
    • Choose fate of the Hand of Morkul
      • Embrace Past, or
      • You don’t need this place
    • Follow her to the new exit / entrance.
  6. Return to Morkul Stronghold
  7. Meet Ashaka
  8. Talk to Ashaka


Morkul’s Mighty Mallet, 2H Mace, Green, Hardening Enchantment, Weighted.

Point of Interest Objective

Morkul Stronghold: “Help a daughter of Morkul return the clan to former glories.”


I obtained this quest in Morkul’s Descent (nearest wayshrine – Shatul)at the very bottom of the cave/dungeon.  There is an exit to the crafting area that will be unaccessible at the base of the “Old Tower” of Shatul. To find the entrance from there, follow the side of the mountain to the east. You will find a “mine” entrance to Morkul’s descent.

I have confirmed that you can get this quest in Morkul Stronghold from Lazghal.

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