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ESOTU Delve: Ne Salas

The Ayleids who fled to Valenwood after the Slave Rebellion were mostly those who worshiped the Daedric Princes, which was outlawed under Empress Alessia. The Slave Queen melded the Aedra worshiped by her human and remaining Elven subjects to create the Eight Divines. Located in a central southern Grahtwood, the Ayleid ruins of Ne Salas …

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ESOTU Delve: Wansalen

Legend has it that the excavation of Wansalen was halted, and the halls abandoned, when the Elven miners roused and angered an ancient rock-spirit called a Gheatus. But the wise Sapiarchs of the Crystal Tower dismiss this story as a fable with no truth to it.  Located in a hidden valley, Wansalen is accessed by …

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ESOTU Delve: Bewan

The high vaulted halls of Bewan were originally built in the Merethic Era as a shrine to Trinmac. Bwean was abandoned early in the First Era when the priesthood moved to the grand Trinimac Chantry outside Skywatch. Located in the hills southwest of Dawnbreak, the old Trinimac shrine of Bewan is now being used as …

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ESOTU Delve: Ondil

Now ruined, the subterranean halls of Ondil were built in the early First Era to house Kinlady Fiorallelle’s extension collection of ceramic figurines. It was abandoned before completion when its alignment with the constellation of the Attronach was found to be seven percent off true. Ondil is located just Northeast of Tanzelwil Wayshrine. This circular …

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