ESO Delve: Halls of Regulation

Greetings fellow knowledge seeker, enclosed you will find the Delve Report compiled by BenevolentBowd containing information on its inhabitants, loot found, and a map.

General Information and Lore

The Halls of Regulation have begun to break down, threatening the water supply throughout the Clockwork City, I’ve agreed to help Tilelle the Mender make repairs by protecting her as we gather parts and fix machinery.

Located on an island in southeastern region of Clockwork City, this delve is moderate distance east from the Clockwork Crossroads Wayshrine. The Mire Mechanica Wayshrine is closer and is northwest of the delve. Generally, this delve is not a favourable location to farm crafting materials.  However, I did pickup a handful of furniture recipes.


Clockwork City



Clockwork factory


Mobs: Factotum Fabricants, Beetle Fabricants, Kagouti Fabricants, Spiders Fabricants

Critters: Skeevatons

Named:    Steadfast Regulator


  • Several bookshelves
  • The Water Cycle of the Clockwork City
  • Maintenance Log 4091
  • Maintenance Log 5352
  • Maintenance Log 5453


  • Containers:
    • At least 6 chests (several in the boss room)
  • Crafting Mats:
    • Argentum, Ginger, Ginseng, Guarana, Honey, Lemon, Malachite Shards (chests), Metheglin, Moonstone, Palladium,  Rice, Rye, Seaweed.
  • Gear
    •  White, Green, Blue and Purple (chests)
  • Consumables:
    • Blueprints, Diagram, Humanoids drop recipes
  • Trash
    • Clockwork Oscillators*
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