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ESO Deadlands DLC Skyshard Locations

Collecting Skyshards is a good way to unlock skill points to unlock new skills or upgrade others. Here are a couple of maps to locate where the skyshards are in the Fargrave and The Deadlands.

Deadlands Skyshard Hunter Achievement

  1. Atop a natural bridge cut in half, north of the Raging Coast.
  2. In a deep pit below a toiling foundry.
  3. Looming over a small camp in the shadows of Annihilarch’s Summit
  4. Resting atop the sharp teeth of a dead giant in the Shambles
  5. Cradled within an altar inside the Brandfire Reformatory
  6. On a ledge overlooking green pools inside False Martyr’s Folly


Fargrave Skyshard Locations, Deadland DLC

The Deadlands

The Deadlands Skyshard locations
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