ESO Enchanting Rune and Glyph List

In Tamriel, only few crafters have the dedication and hard work to persevere to become a master enchanter. My travels far and wide let to the discovery of many runes. Over time, I learned their meanings and combinations to become a master enchanter.


Mage constellation
Enchantments are much more than lucky charms.

This tome lists out the various achievements await the studious enchanter adept willing to put some effort into their trade.

Knowing the names of glyphs will help enchanters craft special enchanting order for their friends and customers but also help identify the runes necessary to complete their enchanting writs. An adventure familiar with this list will  browse the traders confidently to quickly to find that perfect glyph to imbue their weapon or armor.


  1. Achievements
  2. Glyph Names and Potency Translations
  3. Essence Runes
  4. Aspect Runes
  5. Glyph List
  6. Charges
  7. Price List


There are seven crafting achievements for Enchanting which can bring the crafter 100 Achievement points. Also, the achievements will unlock Potency Blue and Enchanter Tangerine.

  1. Potency — Translate all of the Potency runes (10)
  2. Negative Potency — Translate all of the Negative Potency runes (10)
  3. Master Enchanter — Enchanter rank of 50 (50)
  4. Positive Potency — Translate all of the Positive Potency runes (10)
  5. Aspect — Translate all of the Aspect runes (10)
  6. Essence — Translate all of the Essence runes (10)
  7. Ruby Potency — Translate all of the Veteran Rank 15 and 16 Runestones (10)


Glyph Names and Potency Translations

The first word of the glyph name comes from the potency rune used. The harvest nodes and icons are represented by a blue rune.

Name Levels +  Translation  Translation
 Trifling  01-10  Jora  Develop Jode  Reduce
 Inferior  05-15  Porade  Add Notade  Subtract
 Petty  10-20  Jera  Increase Ode  Shrink
 Slight  15-25  Jejora  Raise Tade  Decrease
 Minor   20-30  Odra  Gain Jayde  Deduct
 Lesser  25-35  Pojora  Supplement  Edode  Lower
 Moderate  30-40  Edora  Boost Pojade  Diminish
 Average  35-45  Jaera  Advance Rekude  Weaken
 Strong  40-50  Pora  Augment  Hade  Lessen
 Major CP10  Denara  Strengthen  Idode  Impair
 Greater CP30  Rera  Exaggerate  Pode  Remove
 Grand  CP50  Derado  Empower Kedeko  Drain
 Splendid CP70  Rekura  Magnify Rede  Deprive
 Monumental  CP100  Kura  Intensify Kude  Negate
Superb CP150 Rejera Amplify Jehade Divest
Truly CP160 Repora Reinforce Itade Plunder

The name column will be useful for determining which Potency rune will be required for a writ and the translation columns will help identify missing Potencies for achievements.


Essence Runes

The harvest nodes and icons are represented by a green runes.

Note: Updated for PTS version 2.4.2 and differs slightly from live version.
Name Translation + Type Type
 Dekeipa  Frost Frost Damage  Weapon Frost Resistance Jewelry
 Deni  Stamina Maximum Stamina Armor Absorb Stamina Weapon
 Denima Stamina Regeneration Stamina Recovery Jewelry Reduce Stamina  Cost Jewelry
Deteri Armor Damage Shield Weapon Reduce Spell and Physical Resist Weapon
Hakeijo* Prismatic Defense Maximum Magicka, Health, and Stamina Armor Prismatic Onslaught Magic Damage to Undead and Daedra Weapon
Haoko Disease Disease Damage  Weapon Disease Resistance Jewelry
Kaderi Shield Bash Damage Jewelry Reduce bash cost and blocking cost Jewelry
Kuoko Poison Poison Damage Weapon Poison Resistance Jewelry
Makderi Spell Spell Damage Jewelry Spell Resistance Jewelry
Makko Magicka Maximum Magicka Armor Absorb Magicka Weapon
Makkoma Magicka Regeneration Regeneration Jewelry Reduce Magicka Cost Jewelry
Meip Shock Shock Damage Weapon Shock Resistance Jewelry
Oko Health Maximum Health Armor Absorb Health Weapon
Okoma Health Regeneration Health Regeneration  Jewelry Unresistable Damage Weapon
Okori Power Weapon Damage Weapon Weapon Reduce Target Weapon and Spell Damage Weapon
Oru Alchemist Increase Potion Duration Jewelry Reduce Potion Cooldown Jewelry
 Rakeipa Fire Fire Damage Weapon Fire Resistance Weapon
Taderi Physical Physical Damage Weapon Physical Resistance Jewelry

*Imperial City Drop – “They can only be found most often by killing the special glowing trove scamps, or special chests in Imperial City. You can also purchase them with 5,000 Tel Var stones”


Aspect Runes

The aspect runes determine the overall quality of the glyphs. The most prized of all runes.

Name Translation Aspect Improvement Level
 Ta (Common) 1
Jejota Fine 1
Denata Superior 2
Rekuta Artifact 3
Kuta Legendary 4


Trifling Glyph of Health

  • Jora + Oku + Ta = White Trifling Glyph of Health
  • Jora + Oku + Jejota = Green Trifling Glyph of Health
  • Jora + Oku + Denata = BlueTrifling Glyph of Health
  • Jora + Oku + Rekuta = Purple Trifling Glyph of Health
  • Jora + Oku + Kuta = Yellow Trifling Glyph of Health


Glyph List

CP160 Gold Versions shown.

combo + kuta Glyph of Description
Repora + Dekeipa Frost Deals 2534 Cold Damage
Repora + Deni Stamina Adds 868 Maximum Stamina
Repora + Denima Stamina Recovery Adds 169 Stamina Recovery
Repora + Deteri Hardening Grants a 3290 point Damage Shield
Repora + Hakeijo* Prismatic Defense Adds 434 Maximum Magicka, 477 Health, and 434 Stamina
Repora + Haoko Foulness Deals 2534 Disease Damage
Repora + Kaderi Bashing Increase bash damage by 288
Repora + Kuoko Poison Deals 2534 Poison Damage
Repora + Makderi Magical Harm Adds 174 Spell Damage
Repora + Makko Magicka Adds 868 Maximum Magicka
Repora + Makkoma Magicka Recovery Adds 169 Magicka Recovery
Repora + Meip Shock Deals 2534 Shock Damage
Repora + Oko Health Adds 954 Maximum Health
Repora + Okoma Health Recovery Adds 169 Health Recovery
Repora + Okori Weapon Damage Increase your Weapon Damage and Spell Damage by 348 for 5 seconds
Repora + Oru Potion Boost Increase the duration of potion effects by 3.6 seconds
Repora + Rakeipa Flame Deals 2534 Fire Damage
Repora + Taderi Physical Harm Adds 174 Weapon Damage
Itade + Dekeipa Frost Resist Adds 3520 Cold Resistance
Itade + Deni Absorb Stamina Deals 1900 Magic Damage and restores 354 Stamina
Itade + Denima Reduce Feat Cost Reduce Stamina cost of abilities by 203
Itade + Deteri Crushing Reduce target’s Spell Resist and Physical Resist by 1622 for 5 seconds
Itade + Hakeijo* Prismatic Onslaught Deals 5068 Magic Damage to Undead and Daedra
Itade + Haoko Disease Resist Adds 3520 Disease Resistance
Itade + Kaderi Shielding Reduce cost of bash by 304 and reduce cost of blocking by 203
Itade + Kuoko Poison Resist Adds 3520 Poison Resistance
Itade + Makderi Decrease Spell Harm Adds 927 Spell Resistance
Itade + Makko Absorb Magicka Deals 1900 Magic Damage and restores 354 Magicka
Itade + Makkoma Reduce Spell Cost Reduce Magicka cost by spells by 203
Itade + Meip Shock Resist Adds 3520 Shock Resistance
Itade + Oko Absorb Health Deals 1900 Magic Damage and restores 861 Health
Itade + Okoma Decrease Health Deals 1900 unresistable damage
Itade + Okori Weakening Reduce target Weapon Damage and Spell Damage by 348 for 5 seconds
Itade + Oru Potion Speed Reduce the cooldown of potions below this item’s level by 5 seconds.
Itade + Rakeipa Flame Resist Adds 3520 Flame Resistance
Itade + Taderi Physical Harm Adds 927 Physical Harm


Price List

The Enchanter vendors near the Enchanting Tables will sell runes for gold (g), Telvar Vendor in Imperial City will sell for Telvar stones (TV), and the War Enchanter will sell for Alliance Points.

  1. Denara 87g, 1325AP
  2. Derado 96g, 1475AP
  3. Edode 66g, 825AP
  4. Edora 72g, 950AP
  5. Hade 84g, 1200AP
  6. Hakeijo 5,000TV
  7. Idode 87g, 1325AP
  8. Itade 2508g, 400TV, 15,000AP
  9. Jaera 78g, 1075AP
  10. Jayde 60g,  700AP
  11. Jehade 111g, 80TV, 1850AP
  12. Jejora 54g, 575AP
  13. Jera 51g, 450AP
  14. Jode 30g, 200AP
  15. Jora 30g, 200AP
  16. Kedeko 96g, 1475AP
  17. Kude 105g, 1675AP
  18. Kura 105g, 1675AP
  19. Notade 42g, 325AP
  20. Ode 51g, 450AP,
  21. Odra 60g, 700AP
  22. Pode 93g, 1400AP
  23. Pojode 72g, 950AP
  24. Pojora 66g, 825AP
  25. Pora 84g, 1200AP
  26. Porade 42g, 325AP
  27. Rede 99g, 1550AP
  28. Rejera 111g, 80TV, 1850AP
  29. Rekude 78g, 1075AP
  30. Rekura 99g, 1550AP
  31. Repora 2508g, 400TV, 15,000AP
  32. Rera 93g, 1400AP
  33. Tade 54g, 575AP


Enchanted items will have a certain number of uses before the enchantment expires.  A progress bar will appear on an items tool tip.  A white bar indicates the item has a charge.  A black one indicates that there are no charges left. The item can be recharged by right-clicking the item and selecting charge.  A soul gem of the appropriate level of the item is required to charge it fully.


  • None


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