Status Update 2016-06-25

Hi all!

Relaxing by the fire telling a tale or two.I’m just a month away from celebrating my first year of blogging. I have been enjoying playing The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited and regularly sharing game information with you and the many visitors to my site and on social media.

The number of visits to the site increased steadily over the year and I recently upgraded my hosting service to provide some additional capacity to reduce some of the slowdowns that were starting to occur.

Over half of the visitors to the site are viewing the content on tablets and mobiles.  While the site adapts well to smaller screens, i will be working on the content to improve your mobile experience. UpdateYou may have noticed that I have begun to introduce table of contents and “top” links on new and existing articles to make it more convenient to navigate longer articles on smaller screens.

Cooks prepare food.In the next few months, I will continuing to focus on the crafting and fishing aspects of the game.


My biggest project is an epic crafting encyclopedia to will list crafting components along with their descriptions and where they can be obtained. I hope to have the first edition ready for the blog’s first anniversary.

Also, I would like to update my fishing map compendium to include Aldmeri Dominion and Daggerfall Convenant. Due to the popularity of the mini-puzzle walkthroughs and the “Do you know about…dailies”, I will also be adding more of them as my explorations take me further off the beaten path.

Thanks again and see you in Tamriel.

Bowdacious the Benevolent
[PC] [North American Megaserver]

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