Site Changes

You may have noticed a few changes to the site recently. Here’s a summary some of the changes.

Here is a summary

  1. Lesser used sidebar widgets were removed and are now included in the ESO Calendar
    1. Dark Brotherhood sacraments
    2. ESO Lore (Renamed TES Lore and More)
  2. ESO calendars
    1. Are now standardized
      1. Use a common header and footer that will make it easier to add future timezones.
      2. Display English-UK text on all non-north american calendars
    1. Added Ireland Holidays to UK calendar
    2. Added Netherland and Poland Holidays to Central Europe Calendar.
    3. Added New Ticket Calendar to show Ticket Events where the event descriptions explain how to earn tickets.
  3. Follow Me sidebar section was moved up to the top to make it easier people to follow me on their preferred internet destinations.

Thank you for your interest on my site.

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