ESO Lost Treasures of Skyrim Event?

Earlier today another patch was released to the Public Test Server. These patch notes included details for an event called Lost Treasures of Skyrim which is similar to prior DLC /Chapter celebrations that includes Tickets, Special Reward Boxes, and Double Harvest Node drops.

Here’s an excerpt of the patch notes:

Lost Treasures of Skyrim
The Gray Host is not defeated yet! This week, return to Greymoor and test daily quest activities to receive Event Tickets (3 per day). You can earn Gray Host Pillage boxes from daily quests as well as slaying wandering monsters, opening chests, or defeating bosses and Harrowstorms. The first such box you earn from a daily quest or the Kyne’s Aegis weekly trial quest is a Bulging Gray Host Pillage box, which contains even more loot! Gray Host Pillage boxes also have a chance to drop style pages for the new Sovngarde armor style.

  • You receive two of the usual daily quest reward boxes for each completed daily quest.
  • Resource node yield is doubled (this does not include fishing holes or materials obtained from killing monsters).
  • Western Skyrim World bosses, Delve bosses, and bosses inside Kyne’s Aegis have a chance to award extra loot.




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