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ICYMI: Update on Crown Store Gifting

The Elder Scrolls Online announced the return of Crown Store Gifting, with a catch.

Here is your timesaving summary

  • September 2023 Crown Store gifting was disabled because of growing number of fraudsters amassing crowns without paying for them and then selling crowns for real world money
  • October 11 2023, a select number of players meeting the criteria below will have gifting unlocked
    • the account being at least 180 days past its first login and previous engagement with in-game features.
  • “Gifting Locked” pop-up message?
    • You do not have access
      • To request a review of your account, please visit and submit a Customer Support ticket. Please choose the Billing / Purchase / Code category then Platform > I have a question about a sale / offer > I want to send gift items from this account.


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