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ESOFAM Unlocks Secrets of Telvanni Event Rewards

Congratulations #ESOFam, you did it and unlocked the Secret of Telvanni Event. If you own the Necrom Chapter do not forget to claim your goodies.

If you own Necrom, you can claim your rewards until Friday, October 20th at 10AM EDT. I have confirmed with Zenimax Online Studios that if you purchase Necrom before the deadline, you will be able to claim the event rewards. I have tested this on the Xbox and I was able to claim my goodies.


  • Ebony Dwarven Scarab pet
  • Nightmare Nest body and face markings
  • Kelesan’ruhn house

How to claim your rewards

Open the crown store and scroll down the featured section until you find the Secrets of Telvanni Rewards Bundle.

screenshot - crown store PC/Mac
PC/Mac – Crown Store Screenshot
Screenshot - Crown Store - Gamepad UI


If you play on both megaservers (North America and European Union), you have the claim the rewards separately on each server.

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