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ESO Forever Hold Your Peace (Secret Room)


The merchant lord Cosh claims to have found Magnifica Falorah’s dowry, and for his trouble she has agreed to marry him…I’m in Hubalajad Palace in Abah’s Landing. I should search for a hidden way out of Magnifica Falorah’s room.


This spoiler is for the puzzle in Cosh’s bedchamber where Magnifica Falorah is getting ready for the wedding.

Tip: The way into the palace starts with pickpocketing one of the servants coming out of the kitchen door to obtain key.
  1. Read the book called “An Excerpt from the Book of Seasons” located in the south corner near the wine rack.
  2. Candles next to foor paintings become useable
    Use candles in the order of the seasons starting with Spring


    1. Spring (A character near the middle standing in a ruin in a valley surrounded by trees.
    2. Summer (Gazelle in the foreground, bridge in background)
    3. Fall (Two characters standing near each other on a path with Trees with Orange leaves on both sides)
    4. Winter (Two characters in the foreground climbing a steep road into a city)
  3. Enter the secret room locate your proof for Magnifica.
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