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ESO A Flawless Plan

Zeira wants to know what really happened to Magnifica Falorah’s dowry. She has a plan to uncover the truth of what happened during the guild’s failed heist.



 Bypass Tu’whacca’s Pillars

Read the journal (Excerpt from al-Donobia Heist Journal)  in the middle of the room.


“And so each of the siblings stood upon the battlefield, facing each other in the calm of the night as the bodies of their armis lay at their feet…Tunaska stood to the north, surrounded by his generals, Akishu and Buhliz. Narimaya faced back, her two trusted advisors surrounding her, Nishka and Puntru…”

By examining the room, you will find faded text for the four advisers to learn the titles of the advisers: Akishu – Blade, Buhliz – Serpent, Nishka – Pride, Puntru – Scholar

However, the best clue in the room is the door.  It matches the General picture with the symbols of his/her advisers. The symbols in the sun at top are the ones closest of the three on their respective sides.  The Main character in each panel is next on their respective sides. Finally, the symbols on the right-side of the panel contain the last symbols.





Walk Malooc’s Path

Follow Ziera in the golden “bubble”, kill opposition, and grab vase.

Cross Shinji’s Truth

Approach Quen, who is floating over the chasm. Use the Tall Papa’s Ashes from the vase. Follow the golden globe down path. Use the Ashes again to continue. Follow the golden globe down path. Use the Ashes again to continue. Follow the golden globe down path. Kill the Gargoyle.

Find a Way into the Al-Donobia Vault

A tomb guardian wants the passphrase and asks several times then becomes active. Defeat the guardian.

Search the Treasure Vaults

Locate the headless skeleton, the torn journal, and the coded map.

Leave Tomb

Take passage leading from the opening in the wall. Exit and find the camel at the location circled on your map.

Desert Retreat

To get out there is an opening in the south wall.

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