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ESO Becoming a Vampire

I was bitten by a vampire. I have the option of embracing the disease or receiving the cure.

Becoming a vampire

Becoming a Vampire

There are three ways to become a vampire in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

  1. NPC Bite
  2. Player Bite
  3. Crown Store

NPC Bite

Get attacked by Bloodfiends during the New Moon nights in The Rift, Bangkorai, or Reaper’s March (maps below). Then complete the quest “The Scion of the Blood Matron”.

The moon phase when I was bit by blood fiends.

NPC Locations

Reaper's March Vampire Locations
Reaper’s March
The Rift
Bangkorai Vampire Locations

 Player Bite

Get bit by a vampire player character at one of the altars in The Rift, Bangkorai, or Reaper’s March.

Meet the Vampire player at the Vampire altar in The Rift, Bangkorai, or Reaper's March (maps above). Once at the altar, the vampire player will be given an option to bite you, if they have unlocked the vampire passive called Blood Ritual. Blood Ritual allows the player to infect another player once a week. A timer is displayed on the character screen if not available.

Quest: Scion of the Blood Matron

To obtain the quest of the Scion of the Blood Matron, if you were infected by NPC mobs or player character, head to the main city of the region. Often, you will find a quest NPC by the wayshrine or just outside one of the city entrances.

Talking to the NPC will advance the quest and he will send you to visit the Vampire Altar (see maps).  At the altar, there will be another NPC (Rahaja) where you can have another opportunity to reconsider your choice to become a vampire.

Note: If you leave the crypt, you will have redo the quest portion within the tomb. Also, when you submit to the Blood Matron, your first two abilities on your active bar will be replaced.

Once inside, talk to the NPC (Rahaja) to advance quest.

  1. Use the Basin of Suffering (Northeast of the pool).
  2. Defile the Symbol of Molag Bal
  3. Drink from Basin of Loss
  4. Profane the Symbol of Arkay
  5. Submit to the Blood Matron (stand in the pool)
  6. Prey Upon Worm Assassins (10)
    1. Enter the Tunnels (Door in Northeast corner)
    2. Kill the Worm Cultists
  7. Talk to Lamae Bal (Return to Pool)

Congratulations! You are now a vampire.

Buy From Crown Store

Buy Vampirism from the Crown Store.  Vampirism is located in the Upgrades section of the Crown Store under the subsection Skill Lines.   Once purchased, your character is engulfed with flying bats and the Vampire skill line is unlocked under the World subsection of the Skills Window.

Curing Vampirism

To cure yourself, visit the Mages’ Guild in The Rift, Bangkorai, or Reaper’s March. There you will find a Priest of Arkay that will cure you for a fee.

Note: It is highly recommended to reset your skill points in the Vampire skill line before curing as you will not get them back when you obtain the cure.
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