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ESO A Family Divided (Forgotten Crypts)

Survivors of the plague from Narsis have built a refugee camp inside long-abandoned crypts. Sela and her husband came to join the group, but became separated. Sela looks uneasy…


Before entering the refugee camp, you need to solve the door puzzle.

The three items are Shield, Sword, and Axe. The order to press is the same as order as they appear on the door wall (left to right).

  1. Shield (left door frame)
  2. Sword (top door frame)
  3. Axe (right door frame)

Once inside you can advise Sela on a course of action. I told her to leave.

After chatting with the refugees, you will leave the refuge area and find her husband (now a zombie). After dealing with the husband, you learn the secret of their food supply and decide the fate of the inhabitants.

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