ESOTU Grand Master Crafting Harvester

MinerFor the hard core harvester, there is no greater achievement than the Grand Master Crafting Harvester Achievement.   25 Achievement points in total are up for grabs.


The achievement has five ranks that reward 5 Achievement Points each

  • 10 Crafting Items Harvested
  • 50 Crafting Items Harvested
  • 100 Crafting Items Harvested
  • 1000 Crafting Items Harvested
  • 10000 Crafting Items Harvested

The qualifying items are

  • Alchemy Reagents and Solvent Nodes (Blessed Thistle, Columbine, Wormword, Pure Water, etc.)
  • Blacksmith Nodes (Iron Ore, Dwarven Ore, etc.)
  • Clothing Plant Nodes (Jute, Flax, Cotton, etc.)
  • Enchanting Nodes (Aspect, Essence, Potency)

Items that do not qualify are

  • Animal Hides looted from corpses
  • Insects (Butterflies, Torchbugs, etc.)
  • Provisioning ingredients looted from containers or environment
Tip:  Do crafting writs if you have access materials. Save the writ containers with the duplicate survey reports and collect when you have enough to make the trip out to the remote locations worthwhile.  To reset the survey locations travel a short distance in any direction and return. Alternatively, logoff and on again.
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