ESOTU Delve: The Bastard’s Tomb

This worn-out old copper and turquoise mine has an evil reputation among the locals of southern Eastmarch, though no one will explain exactly why they feel they must avoid it. Perhaps the true reason has been lost, leaving only a general dread.

The Bastard’s Tomb is located in the southeastern area of Eastmarch. Easiest way to get to this delve run to the east from Jorunn’s Stand Wayshrine. It is a medium size delve and contains mostly provisioning containers.


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Nord Tomb


Mobs:  Draugr, Stormfist Soldiers

Critters: Torchbugs

Named: Agnenor the Blade


  • The Bastard’s Tomb
  • A few bookshelves


  • Containers:
    • Mostly provisioning containers.
    • A few backpacks
    • At least three chests
  • Crafting Mats:
    • Adamantite, Corundum, Crawlers, Ginkgo, Guts, Insect Parts, Jazbay Grapes, Solvents, Nickel, Obsidian, Torchbug Thorax, Worms.
  • Gear
    • Mostly white, green, and occassional blue items and regional sets (Eastmarch sets like Fiords)
  • Consumables:
    • Cloudy Poisons, White Food and Drink
  • Trash
    • Ash