ESO Guide: Gold Coast / Dark Brotherhood Daily Quests?

Build Suggestions

Tip: Checkout official ESO Stream Team Member @Inklings to see his sneaky build in action and detailed build notes. Build can be run on magicka or stamina character.

Here are a few recommendations for gear to make these quests easier.

If you have the medium armour skill line unlocked and Improved Sneak passive at level 2, equip seven pieces of medium armour for maximum bonus to sneak cost reduction and sneak detection area.

Equipping gear with sneak detection area, resource recovery (stamina / magicka), and sneak movement cost reduction will allow you to maintain your stealth for longer and reduce the distance NPC’s will detect you.

Stealth Sets (Detection / Sneak Cost / Movement):
Darloc Brae's (Elsweyr) - 5 pieces
Night Terror (Stormhaven) - 3 pieces
Night Mother's Embrace (Deshaan)- 5 pieces
Night's Silence (Crafted - 2 Traits) - 5 pieces

Adding the Swift trait to your jewelry will also speed up your movement.

Abilities / Passives

Khajiit’s have the best racial passives for a sneak build: Stamina / Magicka recovery, Maximum Stamina / Magicka / Health, Detection Radius Reduction.

Nightblades are the only class that has abilities that offer stealth and sneak bonuses: Concealed Weapon (Shadow / Slot 1), Shadowy Disguise (Shadow / Slot 2)

Legerdemain (“Light of Hands”) skill line found in the World section of the Skills UI, offers Improved Hiding passive that reduces the cost of sneak up to 40%. (Slot 1)

Vampires have several useful  passives to offer a sneak build. The most notable is Dark Stalker which ignores the Movement Speed penalty while in crouch. (Slot 6)

Mages’ Guild abilities can increase your maximum magicka and magicka recovery if Magicka Controller passive (Slot 4) is unlocked.

Alliance skills also have something to offer. Rapid Maneuver (Assault / Slot 1) offers a speed boost. Equiping Alliance Support skills in conjunction with the Magicka Aid passive will boost your Magicka recovery.



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