ESO W2T: What to Do When You Hit Transmute Crystal Limit?

Recently I discovered a brilliant guide on Twitter that provided a strategy on how to store excess Transmute Crystals when you have hit the limit.

The short Twitter guide by ilessa (shown below) is expands on the concepts presented in Making Gold From Stones And Crystals guide to include storing Transmute crystals.

Here’s a quick summary

  1. Prerequisites
    • Access to a Transmute Station
    • Complete one full item set in your Gear Collection (AKA Sticker Book) to reduce cost of recontruct gear to 25 Transmute Crystals
      • If you don’t have a complete set, farm arenas for a staff or bow (1 item set collection)
    • Nirnhoned Trait researched on a crafting profession with a weapon (example given woodworking / destruction staff).
  2. Process
    • Reconstruct multiple items (arena staff shown) with Nirnhoned trait
    • Storage
      • Place the item in a storage chest until you need the Transmute Crystals
    • Making Money
      • Deconstruct the item for a chance to recover the Nirncrux for sale.
      • Note: The drop rate of the trait item is not 100%
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