ESO W2T: Making Gold from Stones and Crystals

#WelcomeToTamriel! In this guide, we discuss the how you can use Crown Mimic stones and Transmutation Crystals to make gold in The Elder Scrolls Online. This method can also be used to farm expensive housing style items for use in making furniture.



This is Guram and Roki. Guarm spent all his gold on Best in Slot Gear. Roki spent all of her gold on her latest housing project.Now both are out of gold.

Sound familiar? Well, there may be items on your character that may be begging to be converted into gold.

I am BenevolentBowD and I am here to help.

In this ESO guide, we are going to look for some veteran tricks to convert some unexpected items into gold.

Crown Mimic Stone Method to Making Gold

The first method involves Crown Mimic Stones.

Most players will get these from daily login rewards or opening crown crates.

Crown Mimic Stones can be substituted into the item crafting process without the need of the required style item.

Crown Mimic Stones are bound to your account and thus cannot be sold directly.

However, you can convert these items into tradable items for sale.

Crown Mimic Stones obtained from Crown Crates can be converted into valuable Crown Gems that can be used to buy very exclusive items from the Crown Store. Crown Mimic Stones from daily rewards cannot.

Here’s how it works.

In the video, I am demonstrate the Keyboard and Gamepad versions. Please use the video markers at the bottom of the video to skip content that you are not interested in.

You go to the crafting station and create an item in the style you are interested in.

The best items to make are those with expensive style items used in housing.

In this example, I am going to farm Culanda Lacquer.

Keyboard/Mouse Players: Before clicking the craft button, make sure you have checked the Crown Mimic Stone box.

Gamepad Players: To toggle Crown Mimic Stones, you need to select the style name and click the option in the green circle on the menu. In this demo, that’s the A button.

Save time by crafting multiple items.

Note: If you do not see the style you want listed, it means that you have not learned at least one motif chapter of the style you want to make.

Next, we deconstruct the items we just made.

You can choose to deconstruct the items individually or as a group.

Some people like to divide their RNG risk over several items instead of just one click.

Moment of truth.

In this test, we got 16 out of 20.


In these two examples, we converted 40 Crown Mimic Gems to 32 Culanda Lacquer worth approximately, at this time this video was made, 64,000 gold.

The Transmutation Crystals Method to Making Gold

The second method we are going to look at is converting Transmutation Crystals to gold.

Transmutation Crystals are earned by completing various in-game activities and sometimes in special event reward boxes.

This screenshot from UESP.net shows you a table of all the sources of Transmutation Crystals.

If you do not have ESO+ and your inventory is starting to fill up with Transmutation Crystal Geodes, why not convert them to gold.

Before you can use this method, you will need a character that has researched the Nirnhoned trait on at least one weapon.

Transmutation crystals are also used to recreate items from your sticker book (item collection). You might want to save some.

Reduce the cost of reconstruction by making an item from a complete set in your gear collection (AKA Stickerbook). Arena bows and staves are 1 Set collections and are likely the fastest method to obtain an item suitable to reconstruct with.

The first step is to craft several weapons without traits and then visit a transmutation station.

A free transmutation station is found in the Brass Fortress of the Clockwork City DLC.

If you don’t have that DLC or ESO+, they can often be found in Guild Halls or on the Traders for sale by other players.

If you have a crafter earning Crafting Writ Vouchers, they can also be purchased by the Mastercrafter Rolis in the capital cities of Mournhold, Wayrest, and Elden Root.

If you have the crowns, you can purchase one in the Crown Store.

Let’s see it in action.

After crafting the desired number of items, you visit the transmutation station.

Select Transmute from the options.

Then you select the item and the trait desired. In this example, we are switching the items to Nirnhoned.

Repeat until all the items are done.

It costs a 50 transmutation crystals to do this conversion but you get 25 back when you deconstruct them.

In the interest of time, I have sped up this portion of the video.


Here are the results from our conversion of 500 Transmutation Crystals to Potent Nirncrux.

From deconstruction we obtained 9 Potent Nirncrux. The approximate value of these items, at the time this video was made, is 225,000 gold.


In summary, today we learned how to earn gold from items that we get from everyday activities, daily login rewards, and crown crates.

The graphic mentions you need the crafting refining passives and champion point ability meticulous disassembly. This is incorrect. These only apply to refining raw materials.

The first method we looked at turned Crown Mimic stones into gold by making items for deconstruction to extract the valuable style materials used in housing.

The second method we learned, we converted Transmutation crystals into gold by crafting weapons and then transmuting their trait to Nirnhoned.

The retraited items were then deconstructed to extract the valuable Nirncrux items for sale.

I hope that I have shown you a new method to make some gold in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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