ESO Crown Crate Items Will be Available Through Play in Update 30

On Thursday, The Elder Scrolls Online developer announced that crown crate items will be able to be earned through a new dailies/weekly system to be introduced in Update 30. ESO Player Ur-Quan pointed out on twitter that this change appears to make The Elder Scrolls Online comply with Xbox Game Studios Loot Box Policies. This is a welcomed policy change on Crown Crates.

Arriving as part of Update 30 and launching mid-June, the new Endeavors system is a free addition to the ESO base game that all players can utilize. With this new system, you can complete new daily and weekly tasks, called Endeavors, that grant you various rewards (such as Gold or Experience) and a new currency called Seals of Endeavor…With the new Seals currency, you can acquire any of the currently available Crown Crate items. This includes any of the crate’s consumables (such as potions or XP scrolls), pets, cosmetics, or even its extremely rare Radiant Apex mounts.

2. Items in loot boxes can always be earned through play. All items available through paid loot boxes in our games will also be available through unpaid opportunity by gameplay (i.e. grinding).


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