ESO Undaunted Celebration (2022)

Here is you mobile-friendly and console-friendly summary including tips and pledge information to help plan your event schedule.


  • Thursday, September 8 from 10AM EDT, and it runs until Tuesday, September 20 at 10AM EDT


  • Bonus Normal Undaunted Rewards Boxes (group dungeon final boss killed each day and Undaunted Daily Quests)
    • an item set piece from the dungeon in which the box was acquired.
    • a guaranteed chance to drop one of the following items:
      • A random motif style page from the following:
      • Mazzatun
      • Silken Ring
      • Bloodforge
      • Scalecaller
      • Fang Lair
      • Huntsman
      • Silver Dawn
      • Moongrave Fane
      • Stags of Z’en
      • Icereach
      • Pyre Watch
      • Thorn Legion
      • Hazardous Alchemy
      • True Sworn
      • Waking Flame
      • Crimson Oath
      • Silver Rose
      • Ascendant Order
      • Dreadsail
      • 1,000 Gold
      • An Undaunted Key
      • A Crown Repair Kit
      • A Riding Lesson
  • Bonus Glorious Undaunted Reward Boxes (first group dungeon final boss killed each day)
    • In addition to the above, a Glorious Undaunted Reward Box includes a chance to drop one of the following:
      • Opal monster weapon styles for:
        • Velidreth
        • Ilambris
        • Troll King
        • Engine Guardian
        • Bloodspawn
        • Chokethorn
  • Opal Monster Mask Style Pages (dungeon drops – Veteran Hard Mode)
    • Ilambris (Crypt of Hearts I)
    • Troll King (Blessed Crucible)
    • Bloodspawn (Spindleclutch II)
    • Engine Guardian (Darkshade Caverns II)
    • Chokethorn (Elden Hollow I) 
    • Velidreth (Cradle of Shadows)
  • Opal Monster Shoulder Outfit Style Pages
    • If you own the ordinary version of a monster shoulder style, you may also purchase the Opal version of that style from Undaunted vendors using Undaunted Keys you’ve collected throughout the event. These vendors also sell mystery coffers that provide random Opal shoulder style pages. The specific Opal style pages can be purchased for 50 Keys while the coffer can be obtained for 25.


To earn 2 Event Tickets per day during Undaunted Event, kill any final group dungeon boss a day.

  • Get started by jumping into any group dungeon in the game (via your map, Activity Finder, or the dungeon’s overland entrance)

You can acquire 26 Event Tickets during this event.

Impresario Offerings

  • All three Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet Fragments
    • Hallowed Hourglass Basin
    • Illuminated Dragon Scroll
    • Kvatchian Incense
  • The first TWO Daggerfall Paladin Costume Fragments
    • Blessed Rubedite Enamel
    • Captured Dragonflame
  • Bound Style Pages for the following Opal Weapons and Opal Masks and Shoulders
    • Velidreth
  • Impresario Group Repair Kits
  • Companion Guild Commendations
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Nenulaure the Indrik Vendor

The following items available for purchase with Event Tickets:

  • Nascent Indrik Feathers
  • Onyx Indrik Berries
  • Mossheart Indrik Berries
  • Ebon-Glow Indrik Pet
  • Sapling Indrik Pet

Who is the Impresario?


You can maximize your rewards by

  • Obtain all of three daily pledges from the undaunted enclaves in the capital cities. (You can do or try your luck getting a pledge with the random dungeon daily – see below)
    • for Undaunted keys and other quest rewards
    • Pledges for the event (links to dungeon guides are available on the pledge calendar)
      • September 8
        • Elden Hollow II
        • Volenfell
        • Cradle of Shadows (Opal Drop – Vet Hard Mode)
      • September 9
        • Blessed Crucible I (Opal Drop – Vet Hard Mode)
        • Wayrest Sewers I
        • Bloodroot Forge
      • September 10
        • Spindleclutch II (Opal Drop – Vet Hard Mode)
        • Direfrost Keep I
        • Falkreath Hold
      • September 11
        • Banished Cells I
        • Vaults of Madness
        • Fang Lair
      • September 12
        • Fungal Grotto II
        • Crypt of Hearts II
        • Scalecaller Peak
      • September 13
        • Spindleclutch I
        • City of Ash I
        • Moon Hunter Keep
      • September 14
        • Darkshade Caverns II (Opal Drop – Vet Hard Mode)
        • Tempest Island
        • March of Sacrifices
      • September 15
        • Elden Hollow I (Opal Drop – Vet Hard Mode)
        • Blackheart Haven
        • Depths of Malatar
      • September 16
        • Wayrest Sewers II
        • Arx Corinium
        • Frostvault
      • September 17
        • Fungal Grotto I
        • Selene’s Web
        • Moongrave Fane
      • September 18
        • Banished Cells II
        • City of Ash II (Valkyn Skoria Mask Style Page)
        • Lair of Maarselok
      • September 19
        • Darkshade Caverns I
        • Crypt of Hearts I (Opal Drop – Vet Hard Mode)
        • Ice Reach
      • September 20
        • Elden Hollow II
        • Volenfell
        • Unhallowed Grave
  • Complete a random normal or veteran dungeon quests from the group activity finder
    • Undaunted Exploration Supplies
    • bonus experience
    • good chance of also getting a pledge as the daily quest
  • Use group finder to find groups for dungeons dropping opal style pages
    • Ilambris (Crypt of Hearts I)
    • Troll King (Blessed Crucible)
    • Bloodspawn (Spindleclutch II)
    • Engine Guardian (Darkshade Caverns II)
    • Chokethorn (Elden Hollow I) 
    • Velidreth (Cradle of Shadows)
  • If just want to do a dungeon for the tickets, grab the pledges, and use the group finder to queue for the normal (and/or veteran) versions of the pledge dungeons or easier dungeons like Fungal Grotto I.
  • If you are a capable arena character, you maybe able to solo group dungeons like Fungal Grotto I


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