ESO TheoryCRAFTING: Golden Vendor Monster Set Analysis (2016 – 2022)

Question: What Sets Have Never Been Offered?

  • Encratis, Black Drake Villa (Flames of Ambition – 2021/03)​
  • Kargaeda, Coral Aerie (Ascending Tide – 2022/03)​
  • Kjalnar, Unhallow Grave (Harrowstorm – 2020/02)​
  • Magma, The Dread Cellar (Waking Flame – 2021/08)​
  • Mother Ciannait, Icereach (Harrowstorm – 2020/02)​
  • Nazaray, Shipwright Regret (Ascending Tide – 2022/03)​
  • Thurvokun, Fang Lair (Dragon Bones- 2018/02)​
  • Zaan, Scalecaller Peak (Dragon Bones – 2018/02)​

The first Dungeon DLC sets appeared soon because there were fewer DLC dungeons.

Question: Is There a Pattern or Rotation to Golden Vendor items?

  • The data suggested that there is not a pattern.​
  • There have been no more than two weeks of the same slot (e.g. 2 consecutive weeks of helms or shoulders)​
  • The items are generally the same on three different platforms,​
  • Differences between platforms during the time updates go live on PC and when they arrive on Consoles​
  • There has been the occasional swap of set locations. Helms on PC and Shoulders on Consoles.​
  • There was a time when an item was offered but wasn’t a set offered in the game: Giant Spider Helm. 

 I suspect there is a predetermined list of vendor items for a period of time. 

Question: Can You Find The Head / Shoulder Pattern?

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