Dark Heart of Skyrim and Greymoor Announcement Recap

If you missed the global reveal event, Zenimax Online Studios has posted a recap of all the major (video) announcements on it’s website.

Announcement Cinematic – YouTube

You can view the full announcement on twitch



  • Rich Lambert wore pants at the announcement, so it was a big announcement.
  • Stream hit one of the stretch goals and everyone who logs on between now and January 22 and kills a mob (has hit points), will get a Long-Eared Bat Pet.
  • The adventure will take the place in the western areas of Skyrim
    • Q1 (March 2020): Dungeon DLC Harrowstorm with Prologue quest
      • Harrowstorm will be on PTS next week.
      • Dungeons lay the foundation of the story for the upcoming year.
        • Ice Reach Island in the Sea of Ghosts Dungeon which factions of Witches with different elemental powers and minions.
        • Unhallowed Grave, a mass burial site with ancient defenders.
      • Patching Overhaul
        • Game will have to be be complete downloaded again
        • Game will be approximately 30GB smaller
        • Future patches to be smaller as result
        • Better performance.
    • Q2 (June 2020): Greymoor Chapter which will include the City of Solitude. (May 18th PC, June 2 Consoles)
      • Greymoor named after the keep deep inside Blackreach.
      • Labyrinthian (Public Dungeon), Kyne’s Aegis (12 player – Trial), Harrowstorms (World Event like Dolmens, Geysers, Dragon Hunts)
    • Q3 (August 2020): Dungeon DLC – To be announced (E3 likely)
    • Q4 (November 2020): Story DLC – To be announced (E3 likely)
      • Lots of lore of the Reach for loreseekers.
  • The new has a very Gothic theme where Vampires are showcased and Vampire Skill Line is going to see a significant revamp.
    • Like necromancy, some abilities will be Criminal Acts and will draw the attention of guards.
    • New “graphic/gory” feeding animation
    • Feed more, become more powerful.
  • Lyris Titanborn returns and plays prominently (aka “she’s a bad ass”) in the storyline. “Your guide and mentor.”
  • New non-combat / non-questing activity: Antiquities where players can seek out relics and earn collectibles like furnishings, emotes, mount, seige weapon, and momentos. “Indiana Jones-like adventuring”.
    • Two activities: Scrying (find where the item may be) and a “scrying minigame” like Minesweeper / Battleship.
    • Includes lore items from the past not appearing in previous Elder Scrolls Games.
    • New legendary gear type (1 piece set): Mythica.
      • Only CP160 and only one can be worn at a time.
      • Examples
        • Jewelry item that increases movement speed in combat and doubles movement speed outside combat.
        • Heavy chest that when you block restores magicka
  • Physical Collections edition will be available.
    • Includes “Arrow-to-the-knee” emote
    • Free Month of ESO+ which can be gifted.
    • Available for pre-purchase now and get the new mount now.
  • ESO text will be localised into Russian.
  • Harrowstorm DLC will also add multi-core support and Area of Effects will be optimised.
  • Stadia news at E3

Collector’s Edition Details

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