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ESO Murkmire Celebration Event (2020)

The official announcement has been posted for this year. Here is a summarized mobile-friendly version of what you need to know.

To participate in the Murkmire Celebration, you must either own the Murkmire DLC game pack or have access via ESO Plus™ membership. If you are planning your first expedition into the southern swamplands, both the Murkmire DLC game pack and the Murkmire Collector’s Edition will be on sale in the Crown Store during the event


  • Thursday, February 20 at 10AM EST, and will run until Tuesday, March 3 at 10AM EST.


  • Murkmire Strongbox
    • Crafting materials
    • Style items
    • Set items (from the Murkmire zone overland sets)
    • Trinkets you can sell for gold
    • Motif chapters
    • Wooden Grave-Stake Memento fragments
    • Voriplasm Pet fragments
  • Bonus Rewards
    • Blackrose Prison arena bosses
      • Additional chance to receive bonus items as drops
    • All Murkmire daily quests
      • Double daily quest reward crates
    • Resource nodes
      • Double drops from zone harvesting nodes

Note that to unlock all of Murkmire’s daily quests, you must read the poster by the Lilmoth docks titled “Death-Hunts’” and complete the quest “By River and Root” from the Murkmire main questline.

Combine Voriplasm Pet fragments for this unique pet
Earn tickets to buy berries for the Spectral Indrik Mount
Do Murkmire Dailies Repeat? Where to find NPC’s? How to unlock quests.


To earn these new reward boxes, simply explore and quest in the zone. Strongboxes will drop after completing activities such as

  • defeating monsters or boss monsters
  • looting treasure chests, safeboxes, Thieves Troves, Psijic portals or other containers, or even by harvesting Crafting Resource nodes.

During the event, the zone’s monsters and boss monsters each have a chance to drop Event Tickets.

You can acquire 39 Event Tickets during this event.

Tip: Several players recommend that you postpone grouping with others until you have earned your tickets to avoid group members killing a mob you do not see and miss the opportunity to loot the mob.

Impresario Offerings

  • All four Indrik Feathers
  • Spectral Berries of Bloom
  • Spectral Berries of Budding
  • Spectral Berries of Growth
  • Voriplasm Pet fragments
  • Wooden Grave-Stake Memento fragments

Who is the Impresario?


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FR: https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/fr/news/post/57695
DE: https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/de/news/post/57695

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