ESO Luxury Furnisher

ESO Luxury Furniture Order


Week 1

  • Plant, Spore Pod 450g
  • Plants, Gnisis Pitcher Cluster 450g
  • Elkhorn Coral, Verdant Sapling 800g
  • Mushroom, Glowing Trumpet 1,000g
  • Vvardenfell Glowstalk, Sprout 2,500g
  • Flower Patch, Hawkmoth Cabbage 4,000g
  • Vvardenfell Glowstalk, Young 5,000g
  • Spiral Skein Glowstalks, Sprouts 8,000g
  • Vvardenfell Glowstalk, Strong 10,000g
  • Vvardenfell Glowstalk, Towering  15,000g

Week 2

eso luxury furnisher vvardenfell week 2
  • Mushroom, Gray Spike Cluster 1,500g
  • Flower, Coda 3,000g
  • Flowers, Reed Mace 3,000g
  • Vvardenfell Anemone, Basket 3,500g (animated)
  • Vvardenfell Anemone, Sprout 5,000g (animated)
  • Vvardenfell Coral Plant, Young 5,000g (animated)
  • Plant, Murkmire Snakevine 7,000g (animated)
  • Vvardenfell Coral Plant, Strong 10,000g (animated)
  • Vvardenfell Anemone, Strong 25000g (animated)
  • Darkshade Glowstalks, Inquisitive 45,000g (animated)

There is Swamp Anemone (15,000g) available from the Deshaan Achievement Furniture Vendor. It’s size is between the two offered by the vendor.


Week 1

  • Boulder, Lunar Spire 450g (Light)
  • Boulder, Lunar Spine 2,500g (Light)
  • Cactus, Banded Lunar Multihued Trio 7,500g
  • Cactus, Tall Lunar Fan 9,000g
  • Elsweyr Window, Ritual 10,000g
  • Cactus, Lunar Fan 12,000g
  • Trapdoor, Dragonguard 20,000g (open/ closed)
  • Dragonguard Brazier, Empty 30,000g

Week 2

  • Elsweyr Sarcophagus, Lunar Champion 4,000g
  • Elsweyr Gateway, Stone Arch 4,500g
  • Elsweyr Sarcophagus Lid, Lunar Champion 7,500g
  • Elsweyr Altar, Dark Moons 20,000g
  • Elsweyr Gate, Garden 25,000g
  • Elsweyr Moon Reflection Tower, Base 30,000g
  • Lunar Reflector, Dormant 40,000g
  • Elsweyr Door, Lunar Reverence 50,000g (open / closed)
  • Elsweyr Gazebo, Ancient Stone 100,000g

Velothi (Dark Elf)

Week 1

  • Necrom Funerary Offering, Mushrooms 800g
  • Funerary Urn, Broken 4,000g
  • Dark Elf Tomb Marker, Sarano 5,000g
  • Velothi Candle, Mourning 5,000g
  • Velothi Cerecloth, Prayer 5,000g
  • Velothi Shroud, Mourning 5,000g
  • Necrom Furnerary Pyre, Logs 6,000g (lit / extinguished)
  • Mummy, Skyward Gazing 6,500g*
  • Mummy, Scroll Guardian 8,000g
  • Velothi Seat, Meditation 10,000g
  • Dark Elf Ash Garden, Communal 15,000g
  • Dark Elf Brazier, Ancestral Tomb 15,000g*

The other side Dark Elf Ash Garden does not have skulls if you prefer a “no-skull” look.

Week 2

  • Velothi Kneeler, Prayer 3,000g
  • Velothi Altar, Small 4,000g
  • Dark Elf Tomb Marker, Velas 5,000g
  • Mummy, Bound 8,000g
  • Dark Elf Ash Garden, Familial 10,000g
  • Dark Elf Urn, Bronze Burial 10,000g
  • Velothi Altar, Sacrificial 10,000g
  • Velothi Urn, Burial 10,000g
  • Necrom Urn, Blue Elegant 12,000g
  • Velothi Podium of Recitation 35,000g

The Velothi Podium of Recitation contains a readable lorebook titled: Honored Ancestors.
Characters cannot sit/kneel on the Velothi Kneeler.

Crystals and Flames

Week 1

  • Blue Flame Candles 2,500g
  • Bloodmage Crystal, Oval 4,000g
  • Soul Gem, Grand 5,000g
  • Blue Crystal Fragments 8,000g
  • Blue Crystal Cluster 10,000g
  • Blue Crystal Cluster, Medium 10,000g (On / Off)
  • Hlaalu Path Marker, Almsivi 15,000g
  • Blue Crystal Cluster, Large 20,000g
  • Geode, Amethyst 20,000g
  • Dais, Bloodmage Crystal 100,000g

Week 2

  • Bloodmage Crystal, Oblong 4,000g
  • Glass Crystal, Opaque Cluster 4,500g
  • Blue Flame Brazier 5,000g
  • Blue Crystal Spire 12,000g
  • Blue Crystal Spire, Large 18,000g
  • Geode, Citrine 20,000g
  • Geode, Green Garnet 20,000g
  • Soul Gem, Great 20,000g
  • Khajiit Path Marker, Lion 75,000g

There are 3 similar Khajiiti statues.
Guardian Mane (Hero of Falinesti – Grahtwood, Redfur Trading Post) 15,000g
Khajiit Shrine Guardian Statue (Tow Moons Pathwalker – Reaper’s March, Rawl’kha) 20,000g
Elsweyr Statue Shrine Lion (craftable, Elsweyr Furnishing Folio)

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