ESO Imperial City Celebration?

Earlier today another patch was released to the Public Test Server. These patch notes included details for an event called Imperial City Celebration which is similar to prior DLC /Chapter celebrations that includes Tickets, Special Reward Boxes, Double Key Fragment Drops, Double Tel Var drops, and more.

Here’s an excerpt of the PTS (Public Test Server) patch notes:

Return to the Imperial City and seize the ruined capital from the forces of Molag Bal and the other alliances! Participate in testing the district daily quests to receive Event Tickets (3 per day) for this celebration. You can earn Legion Zero Strongboxes from participating in daily quests as well by slaying wandering monsters, opening chests, or defeating bosses. The first completed daily quest or Imperial City dungeon boss (White-Gold Tower, Imperial City Prison) you defeat each day guarantees a drop of a Glorious Legion Zero Strongbox instead, which is even more rewarding!

  • Legion Zero Strongboxes can contain style pages for the Dark Imperial armor style or the Molag Bal Daedric Weapon style. These pages are also available on the Impresario for 5 Event Tickets each.
  • You receive two Siegemaster’s Coffers for each Imperial City district daily quest.
  • Tel-Var Stone drops from monster kills are doubled.
  • Bosses in White-Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison have a chance to drop extra loot.
  • Bosses in Imperial City and the Imperial City Sewers have a chance to drop extra loot.
  • All Key Fragment drops are doubled.
  • Molag Bal Collectibles have an extra chance to drop from their usual sources.
  • Treasure Scamps have a chance to drop extra loot.

Note: The last Imperial City Celebration was held during the first week of September.

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