ESO Harvester’s Guide to Alchemy Reagents

Passing through the bazaar of Sentinel, a local chef prepared a dish he called “The Secret Chef’s Pork Roast”.  It was tasty enough to satiate my hunger… While spending the next few days at the healer’s tent “recovering” from a secret ingredient, I overheard the healers chat about their tips to obtain reagents for their healing potions.


This notebook provides harvesting tips and documents a few popular locations to find alchemy reagents in Tamriel.

General Tips

Harvesting serfsThe following are a few tips to help make the most of your harvesting time

  • Turn off the grass in the video settings (makes it easier to see the plants)
  • Invest in the Keen Eye crafting passive for alchemy (lights up the reagent nodes)
    • Invest more points in Keen Eye to increase the distance the nodes become light up
  • Invest in 75 champion points in The Craft (green) tree to unlock the perk Master Gatherer reduce harvesting times by 50%.
    • Invest 50 champion points in The Craft (green) tree to unlock the perk Plentiful Harvest to obtain a 50% chance  to double the yield from a normal resource node
  • There are a few abilities/perks/items that boost your speed, reduce sprint costs that can give a boost getting to the next node. Examples include,
    • Retreating Maneuver (Alliance War / Assault)
    • Hasty Retreat (Weapon / Bow)
  • Avoid starting regions during peak play times as there will be more harvesting competition
  • Harvest as you explore and quest overland.  Harvesting while your party if fighting a named, however, will likely get you kicked (unless it is columbine).
  • Conserve the more valuable reagents for sale and use less valuable ones for leveling (see Alchemy Reagents, Solvents, and Recipes)
  • Save up survey maps for same location and harvest/log or harvest/leave general area/return
  • Reagents prefer certain environments
    • Grasslands – Reagents like Blessed Thistle, Dragonthorn, Lady’s Smock, Wormwood
    • Caves / Forests (fallen logs, rotten trees) – Mushrooms

    • Mountain Areas – Mountain flowers.

    • Water edges – Nirnroot, Water Hyacinth

    • Dark Brotherhood: Shadowy Supplies


  • Hollow city (Coldharbour), right gate from the main entrance there will be around 3-6 plants pick them and walk away by the stairs then walk back and the plants will be re-spawned.
  • Starter areas, Bal Foyen, Bleakrock Isle, Khenarthi’s Roost, Stros M’Kai are smaller and tend to be flat.
  • Sentinel (Alik’r Desert) by the zombies.


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