Crafters work in the tradehall

ESO Glass Armor

So the rumors are true. Two new styles have been rediscovered: One of them is a way to make armor out of glass! Over a few pints at the tavern and an undisclosed amount of coins in small denominations in an unmarked pouch, a master crafter shared his knowledge of the new glass motif.

Fragments and Pages

Fragments can now be obtained as rewards from equipment writs (Blacksmithing, Clothing, and Woodworking).  Once you have collected 10 of the fragments (trophy item type), they can be combined into a Page after you purchase a special item (Merethic Restorative Resin) from any Mystic Vendor around Tamriel for 10,000g.  The page created will be random.


Shards are found in treasure chests. The best chances are in the hidden chests found with regional treasure maps. Caution: once 10 shards are combined, the resulting item (chunk) is no longer tradeable to another account.

More Information

In reply #12 of the forum post below,  Tactica discusses the drop rate and what’s needed to get all of the fragments you need.


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