ESO Champion Points – Crafting and Gathering

Today, I spent the afternoon in the Star Gazer’s Library. There was an interesting essay on crafting boons that could be unlocked with the guidance of the mundus.


Harvesting serfs
Reduce gathering times and earn faster crafting experience

This document summarizes the various crafting and gathering perks that can be unlocked with Champion Points (CP).  All of the related perks are found in the Thief section.

The Tower tree contains a perk for crafting experience (called inspiration in ESO).

The Lover tree contains two perks related to gathering.

For those converting a high-level adventurer into a master crafter, redistributing some champion points into the Tower tree is advised especially if they are considering Enchanting.

Crafting Experience

With an investment of 30+ Thief Champion Points in The Tower tree, a crafter can unlock Inspiration Boost. This perk increases Inspiration gains by 20%.


With an investment of 10+ Thief Champion Points in The Lover tree, a crafter can unlock Plentiful Harvest. This perk grants a 10% chance to double the yield from normal resource nodes.  For example, a gather may obtain two runes instead of one from an enchanting node or more plants from a cloth node.  As indicated, this perk only works with normal nodes and not the special ones found at crafting survey sites.

With an investment of 75+ Thief Champion Points in The Lover tree, a crafter can unlock Master Gatherer. This perk grants reduces gathering times by 50%.


An often used philosophy towards creating a master crafter is to repurpose a max level character and redistribute skill points into crafting. Redistributing Champion Points into  The Tower tree would be useful for an retired adventurer settling down and taking up crafting, especially one looking to become an enchanter. Enchanting is the most time consuming crafting profession to level.

If you want to have a dedicated harvester character, Nestor from the official forums makes the following recommendations

  1. Put Thief Champion Points into Sprinter  in The Tower tree.
  2. Wear all Medium Armor with Well Fitted Improved to Purple with stamina glyphs
  3. All attributes and glyphs in Stamina
  4. Use the Steed Mundus (Cyrodil, The Rift, Reaper’s March, Bangkorai)
  5. Turn on Auto Loot



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